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Free resources showing why the Lord in Scripture condemns Christmas.

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Christmas is a very special time in Carteret County and I'd like to share it with y'all. Come visit me and let me how you like it. Also visit my home page. ... Christmas Candle. Light a candle on Christmas Day, ...

Legend of the Christmas Candle
Fanny's Funny and Inspirational Pages, plus a link to my home page with links to all my other pages. ... Legend of the Christmas Candle. Pennsylvania Dutch. The legend of the Christmas Candle tells that it will be ...

Christmas Candle Centerpiece
directions for making a Christmas candle centerpiece ... REAL CANDLE CHRISTMAS CRAFT. contributed by Pat! ...

The Singing Snowmen
... space the pictures here are half the size your candle will be if you follow these instructions exactly. ... or in groups â?? have fun creating your very own Christmas candles! ...

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