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Free resources showing why the Lord in Scripture condemns Christmas.

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CVC Christmas Page Christmas History International Christmas
Christmas Around the World, International Christmas traditions, including Christmas history, History of hymns, humor, Christmas Customs, MIDI Files, MP3s, Christmas videos, Christmas slide shows. ... into international customs, history, hymnology, personal customs, and other tidbits of Christmas. Our website, "" ...

Christmas on the Net - The History of Christmas
Read through this brief article on the history of Christmas. Includes holiday music clips.

Christmas History - Christmas Pages
Christmas history and legends. Celebration during the winter season were common, way before Christmas was celebrated on December 25th.

history of the holidays

CHRISTIAN CHRISTMAS: Christmas In Cyberspace: A Christian Perspective
A directory of Christian Christmas and Advent sites. No Santas! No Frosty! Just the Good News. Sacred sites. ... HOME. Our Favorites. Christmas History. Traditions. The Magi. Meditations ...

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