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Free resources showing why the Lord in Scripture condemns Christmas.

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John Clare's 'Christmass' from
... Author Category: English. Show lines. Christmass is come and every hearth ...

KIDPROJ MCC: Christmass Day - United States
A Page From the KIDPROJ Multi-Cultural Calendar Christmass Day - United States by Aziz Fulton On this very special day peolpe exchang gifts.We pray and We pray and exchang gifts. From United States by Aziz Fulton - 12

... Christmass. Christmass is the day of love, understanding and forgiving, and is one of greatest christian hollidays ...

Santa's Secret Village
True believers can watch the elves make toys, write Santa a letter, or visit Mrs. Claus' kitchen. Includes info on the Festival of Trees.

THE TRUTH ABOUT CHRISTMASS Please be patient with us! The information below is for your growth. THE TRUTH ABOUT CHRISTMASS By Charles Half WHY I DO NOT CELEBRATE CHRISTMASS

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