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The Puritan Hard Drive - Best Reference Tool Ever!

You will be floored by this product. Amazing!


- John Hendryx, Monergism Books

In the history of the church's sanctification I don't believe there has been a more valuable extra-biblical resource and tool than the Puritan Hard Drive.

It holds some of the most priceless Reformed works of God-centered and Christ-glorifying truth that were ever penned.

Most students, ministers and scholars of the Bible would never personally acquire even half the literal number of books on the Puritan Hard Drive, much less the extreme caliber of its contents.

In God's providence modern day Christians have been chosen to be the recipients of both a theological and practical blessing. May we not squander it. 

- Matthew McMahon, Ph.D.  A Puritan's Mind

I want you to know that I have enjoyed my Puritan Hard Drive immensely.

I simply could not have imagined such a resource before getting my hands on it!

To have that much information from a consistent, biblical, orthodox, and gospel-centered point of view is simply astonishing.

Anyone who admires the Puritans simply must have the Puritan Hard Drive.

From Pastors to Ph.D. candidates, there is simply nothing else out there that puts so much at your fingertips.

What an amazing tool for pastors... thank you for your work.

Soli Deo Gloria!

 - Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr., Grace Family Baptist Church (Spring, TX) http://www.sermonaudio.com/go/38367 and http://www.gracefamilybaptist.net

 The Puritan Hard Drive is an exquisite piece of work. 

The purchaser of this fine product will have at his fingertips more of the best Reformed literature than he can probably ever get around to reading. 

Truly, if a Christian wants to invest wisely in his own growth, this is the best investment he can make at this time. 

More than highly recommended! 

- Justin Rawson, Gospel Covenant Publications

The Puritan Hard Drive is one amazing resource.  

When I was full-time at seminary, we had a superb theological library. But for access to the Puritan classics a special trip was necessary to visit the Puritan collection at Regent College on the UBC campus. If I had had this Puritan Hard Drive, no such trips would have been needed. 

Never before have ordinary pastors, teachers and students had access to such a wealth of rare sermons, classic theology and commentaries. 

This will blow your mind. 

- Pastor Joe Haynes (BC, Canada) http://www.keruxai.com or http://historicism.com/blog/?p=378


The Puritan Hard Drive is fantastic!

Most commercial theological software packages allow you to search 18th - 20th century public domain books or charge premium prices for materials under current copyright. But for spiritual richness and depth of insight, who can match the Reformation and Post-Reformation Puritan classics? The ones available in PDF form scattered around the Internet would take hundreds of hours to locate and download. And, for ease and speed of search, the Puritan Hard Drive is frankly ingenious.

For pennies per resource, you even provide a collection of outstanding MP3s and a handy portable hard-drive with ample available space.

What a gift to Christ's church!

I love my Puritan Hard Drive!

- D.M. (California)

Still Waters Revival Books has performed an astonishing feat in pulling together a massive collection of books and other resources.

Let me tell you how absolutely fantastic the Puritan Hard Drive really is.

This is a treasure trove for a local church pastor.

The search ability is beyond my expectation.

I was just on the island of Iona where Columba established a missionary outpost sending evangelists all over Britain.  Searching the hard drive for "Columba" added much to my understanding of this great leader through the eyes of Spurgeon and many others.

Thank you so much... for going to the trouble to make this available.

I am greatly improved by it and I anticipate the pace of worldwide reformation to be improved as well.

I blogged about it here: http://www.ncfic.org/weblogmodule/view/id/805/src/@random493e73d2154bd/

Below is the blog post from the link above:

On my way across the ocean to study the reformation with Doug Phillips, I did not have a suitcase of books as I usually do. I was lamenting that fact at the airline ticket counter and my daughter Claudia said to me, "Papa, close your eyes and step into the new world." Well, let me confess: on my computer I have approximately 13,000 puritan and reformed books which I have acquired through my son downloading ebooks and a gigantic collection put together by Reg Barrow from Still Waters Revival Books. I am now like Abdul Kassem Ismael, Grand Vizier of Persia who, in the tenth century, carried his library with him wherever he went. The 117,000 volumes were carried by 400 camels which were trained to walk in alphabetical order.

- Pastor Scott Brown (M.Div.), Hope Baptist Church (NC, USA, http://www.hopebaptistchurch.info), Director of the National Center for Family Integrated Churches (NCFIC, http://www.ncfic.org/), and Conference Speaker (who speaks at conferences alongside other Reformed ministers like Joel Beeke, Paul Washer, Doug Phillips, Jeff Pollard, et al. http://www.ncfic.org/gcm-speakers)


The Puritan Hard Drive reached me this morning and as soon as I installed it on my PC I was totally amazed at what it is able to do.


It is a tremendous blessing of God to have such a tool in my hands... the Puritan Hard Drive is a wonderful and powerful tool.


Now, I will be able to enjoy all the possibilities of this tremendous program.

You were right, it was worth the wait.


Thank you very much and congratulations to all your team.


Soli Deo Gloria!


- Richard Gagnon (BD, MATS, ThD-cand.)

Reformed Baptist Pastor, Quebec, Canada



I received it (the Puritan Hard Drive - ed.) yesterday and am blown away by it!


It is simple to set up and there is a tremendous amount of material available that will last me for years as I go through it all.


The search tools are, by themselves, well worth the price of the Puritan Hard Drive. It makes finding authors, topics and documents incredibly easy and fast. (The speed itself is amazing!) I also find the ability to copy from any of the (searchable - ed.) PDFs and paste into whatever .doc I happen to have open to be extremely useful.


I'm also glad to see that there are audio sermons/teachings (MP3s - ed.), as well as WMVs (videos - ed) from a variety of speakers and preachers as this provides a well-rounded approach to my own theology.


I've downloaded the entire drive to one of my computers that can handle it, and have it hooked up to a laptop.


The Puritan Hard Drive is a tremendous asset to my library and a huge time-saver for my own learning, preaching, teaching and counseling.


Thank you ever so much for doing this.


- Kevin Guillory (Pastor), Redeemer Christian Congregation (Baltimore, MD)



The Wonders of the Most High: 125 Years History of the United Netherlands 1550-1675 (c. 1678)

The subtitle reads: "An Indication of the Causes, Ways and Means Whereby the United Provinces, Against the Expectation of the Whole World, Were Elevated in Such a Marvelous Way from their Previous Oppression to Such Great, Awe Inspiring Riches and Acclaim. As Related By Several Eminent Historians, and Which After the Manner of the Time are Compiled to a Necessary and Profitable Use."

This book gives us an indication why the best theologians in the Netherlands were ready to swear the Solemn League and Covenant with their brethren in the British Isles (before Cromwell and his forces ruined these plans for a united international Protestant testimony). It shows us that the best Dutch Synods agreed with the British Covenanters regarding the civil magistrate (establishments), God's law, anti-tolerationism, historical testimony, true unity, false teachers, the Sabbath, "Roman feast days," worship, etc.

For example, in the section "The Organ in the Worship Service and the Singing of Hymns," we read,

"With one word, we judge this and other novelties, in these carefree days, a useless hindrance. This we also say of the introduction of new hymn-books, and present day ditties, which we do not find in God's Word; as also the playing and peeping of organs in the Church. The former are all against the decrees of our Synods. See about singing in the Church, the National Synod of Dordt held in 1578, art. 76; the National Synod held in Middelburg, 1581, art. 51; the National Synod held in the Hague, 1586, art 62; at which gatherings hymns not found in Scripture are expressly forbidden (in a footnote: those who would like to know more about singing of the Psalms, from the Old as well as the New Testament, can read the learned treatise by S. Omius, called 'Dissertation", the first book. Chapter 5, cap. 3).

"It is known from Church history, that those who are after novelties, by introducing man-made hymns and errors, have corrupted the Congregation. Although these people have no wrong motives, it is nevertheless not advisable to follow in their steps, since we may receive from them copper instead of gold, as the Pious Peter Martyr witnessed about the time hymns were introduced into the Roman Church. See Peter Martyr on 1 Cor. 14:26. The words of lord van Aldegonde in this respect are remarkable. In the introduction to his book of Psalms he says, "The experience of earlier days has taught us that it is often harmful to introduce something which is not based on the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments." The Synod of Dordt, 1578, art. 77; of Middleburg, 1581; of Gerderland, 1640, art. 3, have all dealt with terminating, when determining the place of the organ in the Church. The statement made by the Synod of Dordt, 1574, art. 50, needs our special attention; where we read, "Concerning the use of Organs in the Congregation, we hold that according to 1 Cor. 14:19, it should not have a place in the Church; and where it is still used when the people leave the church, it is of no use but to forget what was heard before;" they witness that it is nothing but frivolity. It is also remarkable that lord Rivet, contending against the papists, mentions several of their authors, who condemn the novelty of the Organ, and point out that is is without profit. Rivet, Cathol. Orthodox. tom. 1, pag. 561."

"To know the reason why Organs should be kept out of the church, read our learned theologians and their polemics about Organs against the Lutherans and Papists, see Faukee, about Psalm 45, pag. 20. Also Lodoc. Larenus, in cap. 12 Esa, pag. 47, where we find the story of the duty of Middleburg's consistory to do away with the Organ; Hoornbeek disput. 2, de Psalmodia. thes 7; Rivet, in Exod. cap. 15 vs. 12. Imprimis Gisb. Voetii. Polit. Eccl. part 1, pag. 548. Hospiniamus de Templis, pag. 309. It would be better if this and other novelties were not mentioned." (pp. 151-152)

Translated here for the first time from Dutch into English, this book may be a shocker to those not familiar with the Dutch Reformation and the faithful pronouncements of her Synods.

FREE in etext at: http://www.swrb.com/newslett/actualnls/Wonders.htm

This book is also available on Calvinism Bookshelf CD volume 16 (3 for 1 CD SUPER SALE) at: http://www.swrb.com/Puritan/calvinism-bookshelf-CDs.htm


This Was John Calvin
"The most lively and readable biography of Calvin available in English," stated Roger Nicole. "Though it reads as smoothly as a well written novel," writes J.H. Kromminga, "it is crammed with important facts. It is scholarly and popular at the same time. The book will hold the interest of the young but will also bring new information to the well informed... This book recognizes the true greatness of the man without falling into distortions of the truth to protect that greatness."
(Softcover) $12.95 (US funds)


The Defense of the Faith
Van Til's treatment of Romanism, Arminianism, less consistent Calvinism or the so-called "classical apologetics," as compared to the Reformed position, is most enlightening. His work on the myth of neutrality is also very important. For an easy introduction to Van Til's philosophy, see Pratt's Every Thought Captive
(Softcover) $19.95-20%=$15.96 (US funds)


Amusements and the Christian Life
The authors states, " In preparing the following discussion, my aim has been to illustrate great principles by the light of early history for practical effects. All the material used is old; much of it is common to historians and antiquarians, and yet so scattered through and hidden in large works not in general circulation as to be practically inaccessible and unknown. The writer has no knowledge of any essay similar to this." Part one deals with "Popular Amusements and Primitive Christians" and part two with "Lawful Christian Amusements." In short this book answers the question: "What was the relation of our Lord's followers, in the first three centuries, to the amusements of a godless world?" Scripture is also brought to bear upon this most practical question.
(Rare bound photocopy) $19.95-70%=$5.99 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy) $18.00 (US funds)

This book is also available on Reformation Bookshelf CD volume 22 (CD SUPER SALE) at: http://www.swrb.com/Puritan/reformation-bookshelf-CDs.htm


Modern Fascism: Liquidating the Judeo-Christian Worldview
George Grant writes, "One of the most common mistakes in modern journalism is to confuse extremist, racist, and often violent authoritarian political movements with the political right in general and the religious right in particular. Fascism is an aberration of liberalism, not of conservatism; it is the illegitimate offspring of left-wing socialist ideas, not of right-wing capitalist ideas, and certainly not of Christian traditionalist ideas. The Nazi Party in Germany was after all the political arm of an occultic National Socialist movement that overthrew a conservative and democratic republic. This oft-overlooked fact is brilliantly elucidated in Gene Edward Veith's Modern Fascism. Not only does he provide a much-needed historical corrective (connecting the current Neo-Nazi and Skinhead resurgence to its radical roots), he demonstrates the antipathy that fascism has always had with genuine Christianity. Thus he argues, the bent toward violent coercion, the malignant racism, and the almost religious devotion to messianic politics that so characterize many of today's "hate groups" are all attributes of fringe liberalism, not Republicanism run amuck. This is an important and sobering book that transcends mere spatial notions of "left" and "right," made ever more relevant by the national mood of self-examination provoked by the Oklahoma City bombing" (World magazine, May 20/27, 1995, p. 23). Veith even notes that "the Nazis... in their devotion to the "soil," were among the century's first environmental activists." This book "forcefully argues that fascism is alive and well in our secular, postmodern age" (Roche), and sets forth Christianity as the only hope for the future.
(Softcover) $24.95


Postmodern Times: A Christian Guide to Contemporary Thought and Culture
This book "[p]inpoints the strengths and weaknesses of postmodern thought and points the way for Christians to take advantage of both," notes E. Calvin Beisner. The back cover states that "Christ has called us to proclaim the gospel to a culture grappling with postmodernism. We must understand our times. Then, through the power that Christ gives, we can counter the prevailing culture and proclaim His sufficiency to our society's very points of need."
(Softcover) $24.95


Mistakes in Religion Exposed: An Essay on the Prophecy of Zacharias (1807)
Directly opposes the spirit that mistakes in religion are matters of small importance. Using Zacharias as a touchstone of truth, Venn refutes 29 errors, some of which Protestant martyrs have died in opposition to. Practical theology dealing with everything from Universalism to assurance.
(Rare bound photocopy) $49.95-80%=$9.99 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy) $19.00 (US funds)

This book is also available on Protestant Bookshelf CD volume 12 (3 for 1 CD SUPER SALE) at: http://www.swrb.com/Puritan/protestant-bookshelf-CDs.htm


Learning in Christ's School

(Softcover) $10.95 (US funds)


Amusements in the Light of Reason, History, and Revelation (1882)
Twenty two chapters titled: "Amusements Designed of God;" "Amusements Necessary;" "Proper and Improper Amusements;" "The History of the Theater;" "Testimony Concerning the Character of the Theater;" "The Testimony of the Church Concerning the Theater;" "The Well-known Character of Actors and Actresses an Objection to the Theater;" "The Character of the Plays in Use;" "The Theater's Defense;" "The Moral Influence of the Theater;" "The Theater and Christian Life;" "Can the Theater Be Reformed?;" "The Dance in History;" "The Testimony of the Church Against the Dance;" " The Dance Unfavorable to Health;" "The Dance Unfavorable to Intellectual and Social Development;" "The Dance Requires a Wasteful Expenditure of Money;" "The Dance Condemned for Its Evil Associations;" "The Dance Unfavorable to the Right Relation of the Sexes;" "The Dance Destructive of Christian Life;" "Cards, Billiards, and Games;" A Closing Word with Professing Christians." 153 pages.
(Bound photocopy) $19.95-70%=$5.99 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy) $14.00 (US funds)

This book is also available on Reformation Bookshelf CD volume 22 (CD SUPER SALE) at: http://www.swrb.com/Puritan/reformation-bookshelf-CDs.htm


The Shorter Catechism Explained From Scripture
In the opinion of B.B. Warfield,the Westminster divines left to posterity not only "the most thoroughly thought out statement ever penned of the elements of evangelical religion" but also one which breathes "the finest fragrance of spiritual religion." Their most influencial work, The Shorter Catechism, was intended a a teaching basis for an introduction to the Christian Faith. No London pastor made more effective use of it than Thomas Vincent (1634-1678) and when his "explanation" was first published in 1674, John Owen, Thomas Watson along with 38 other signatories to the Preface, declared their belief that it would "be greatly useful to all Christians in general." Numerous reprints were to verify their judgement of this Puritan classic (back cover). This is one volume in the Puritan Paperbacks series from Banner of Truth.
(Softcover) $10.95 (US funds)

This book is also available on Calvinism Bookshelf CD volume 30 (3 for 1 CD SUPER SALE) at: http://www.swrb.com/Puritan/calvinism-bookshelf-CDs.htm


A Treatise of the Right Institution, Administration, and Receiving of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper (c. 1659)
Vines was one of the Westminster Divines appointed by parliament to prepare the Confession of Faith; also one of the assistant divines appointed to treat with the king at the Isle of Wright. He argued (for divine right Presbyterianism against the Prelates) along with Alexander Henderson at the negotiations of Uxbridge. A Covenanter, he refused the engagement in 1649 and was ejected from his position as master of Pembrokehall College, Cambridge. "He was mighty in the scriptures, and an interpreter one amongst a thousand. He was an accomplished scholar, a perfect master of the Greek, an excellent philologist, and an admirable orator... He was accounted the very prince of preachers, a thorough Calvinist... a zealous puritan" (previous summary adapted from Thomas Smith, Select Memoirs... of Pious and Learned English and Scottish Divines
, pp. 609-611). This is one of the most elaborate works on the Lord's supper we have seen; delving into many of the details surrounding this ordinance that can't (to our knowledge) be found elsewhere. Contains a section "To the Reader" by Anthony Burgess. 430 pages.
(Bound photocopy) $99.95-80%=$19.99 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy) $29.00 (US funds)

This book is also available on Protestant Bookshelf CD volume 24 (3 for 1 CD SUPER SALE) at: http://www.swrb.com/Puritan/protestant-bookshelf-CDs.htm


Protestants Separated for Christ's Name's Sake (1675, reprinted 1845)


Explains and defends the Reformers reasons for separation from Rome. Exhibits the major points of disagreement, these being the sufficiency of Scripture, the doctrines of grace (salvation), and purity of worship. Elaborates on each major area, explaining the numerous points of division specifically. Provides, for the modern reader, some excellent points to consider concerning which churches to join and which churches to leave. Ultimately comes to the conclusion that,


God never did require of us to join with any person or church in their sins; much less that we should sin in order to the obtaining of salvation at his hands. God's rule is, that we should not 'do evil that good may come of it.' (Rom. 3:8) And were the communion with their church never so useful, yet if it cannot be had without sinning, it must not be had at all. If the terms and conditions of communion with them have any thing of sin in them, they had as good tell us that we should fly in the air, or count the sands on the sea-shore; and in case we did not, that then they would not receive us into their communion, or that, being in, they would cast us out. For such things as are morally impossible, (as an assent to any error, or a consent to any false worship, must needs be,) are as unreasonably required of us, as any thing that is naturally impossible could ever be. And if on this account there be a rent from them, the fault is in them that require such things at our hands; as, being contrary to the mind and will of God, cannot be done by us. We, being innocent, nay, commendable in the forbearing of them, (as the innocent person is in the case of a divorce,) must needs be free... (i)t is sometimes necessary to forsake a visible church. Nay more: it may be necessary to believe and act directly contrary to the authority of the present church (if we are to remain faithful to God--RB).


In this regard one more representative quotation is provided,


One would think that washing of hands, and the wearing of broad phylacteries, were matters so indifferent, as that they could not be displeasing unto God, especially when commanded by the church, and recommended too by tradition; yet our Saviour assures us, (though they thought to please God the better by them,) [that] it made all the rest of the Pharisees' worship but vain and unacceptable. (Matt. 15:9) Worship is indeed the marriage-duty which the church of God is to pay unto none but unto Him who is married unto her; (Jer. 3:14;) and God hath declared himself to be "a jealous God," and that he will not permit any creature to partake that marriage-rite together with him. (Exod. 20:5) Hence it is that idolatry is so often called 'adultery,' and a 'going a-whoring from God.' (Ezek. 23:30) And in this, amongst other things, to be sure they agree, that as amongst men for every fault, though heinous ones too, there cannot be a separation between man and wife, but for adultery there may; so God is pleased not to give a bill of divorce to any church or people for any sin so much as for idolatry. When once they become overspread with that sin, then it is that God says unto them, 'Lo-ammi, Ye are not my people.' (Hosea 1:9).



 (Rare bound photocopy) $3.95 (US funds) [$6 off!]

(Hardcover photocopy) $9.00 (US funds) [$10 off!]



 (Rare bound photocopy) $9.95 (US funds)

(Hardcover photocopy) $19.00 (US funds)


This book is also available on Reformation Bookshelf CD volume 15 (CD SUPER SALE) at: http://www.swrb.com/Puritan/reformation-bookshelf-CDs.htm

VOETII (Voetius), GISBERTI (Gisbertus)

Politicae Ecclesiasticae (in Latin)

"Voetius ranks among the most influential Dutch Reformed theologians of all time. He represents the mature fruit of the so-called Dutch Nadere Reformatie -- a primarily seventeenth and early eighteenth century movement that paralleled English Puritanism in both time and substance.

Voetius was to the Nadere Reformatie (usually translated as the Dutch Second Reformation) what John Owen, often called the prince of the Puritans, was to English Puritanism. Though largely unknown and ignored by English-speaking scholarship, Voetius is nearly as much an in-house name to students of Dutch Post-Reformation orthodoxy as Owen is to students of English Puritanism."

 "In 1619 he played an influential part in the Synod of Dort, and in 1634 was made professor of theology and Oriental science at the University of Utrecht."


 "Voetius hated Arminianism. He saw it for what it was: a wholesale attack on the very heart of the Reformed faith and, fundamentally, a return to Roman Catholicism and its doctrine of salvation by works...  So trustworthy was he considered to be that he was voted delegate to the Synod of Dordrecht (1618-'19). At the Synod he made major contributions to the defeat of the Arminians and the writing of our precious Canons. When Bogerman, the president of the Synod, angrily dismissed the Arminians from the Assembly and forbad them to return, Voetius supported his actions...

Although Dort was a might victory for the Reformed faith, Arminian poison continued to affect the churches, and Voetius spent all his life doing what he could to root out this pernicious evil.

Yet, his interest in the Reformed faith was not merely in its intellectual coherence and internal harmony. Voetius was a godly and pious man. One of the first books, if not the first, was entitled "Proof of the Power of Godliness." His thesis in this book was that, while Arminianism is destructive of Christian morality, the orthodox faith gives attestation to itself in a godly and upright life. The book was not the writings of a man who did not live what he believed. He was firmly convinced, and showed it in his own life, that the Reformed faith, when embraced wholeheartedly, led to Christian piety... Voetius was an earnest and sincere Christian, and a most devoted servant of the Church. Few men have in any age exercised greater influence over the Church of their time and country."

- Gijsbert Voetius: Defender of Orthodoxy, http://www.prca.org/books/portraits/voetius.htm.

 Joel Beeke's summary of one of Voetius' major works:

Voetius' massive four-volume Politicae Ecclesiasticae, edited from his Saturday debates on church government, is divided into three major sections. The first section consists of debates relative to ecclesiastical matters and actions. Voetius wrestles with the nature of the instituted church, the concepts under which church government operates, and the character of church discipline. Under "actions" he discusses the church's handling of liturgy, psalmody, church organs, administration of the sacraments, catechesis, fasting, days of contrition and thanksgiving, marriages, and funerals. He also includes a treatise dealing with ecclesiastical liberty, church property, pastoral remuneration, and church administration.

"Voetius, in his great work, the Ecclesiastical Polity, elaborately argues against the use of instrumental music in the Christian church, and among the arguments which he advances employs this: "Because it savors of Judaism, or a worship suited to a childish condition under the Old Testament economy; and there might with equal justice be introduced into the churches of the New Testament the bells of Aaron, the silver trumpets of the priests, the horns of the Jubilee, harps, psalteries and cymbals, with Levitical singers, and so the whole cultus of that economy, or the beggarly elements of the world, according to the words of the apostle in the fourth chapter of Galatians... Gisbertus Voetius argues at length against the use of instrumental music in churches in his Ecclesiastical Polity, a work which is held in high estimation among Presbyterians. The argument is characterized by the great ability for which the author was noted, but it is too elaborate to be here cited."

 - John Girardeau in Instrumental Music in the Worship of God, http://www.swrb.com/catalog/g.htm.


This book is also available on Protestant Bookshelf CD volume 25 (3 for 1 CD SUPER SALE) at: http://www.swrb.com/Puritan/protestant-bookshelf-CDs.htm



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