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(Summaries by Reg Barrow & Others)

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The best Reformation translation (King James Version) combined with the best Bible notes of the first Reformation (the Geneva Bible notes)! A great tool for public, family and private worship and study. Printed from a marvelously clean original copy, surpassing the quality of all other printings (of the Geneva Bible notes in particular) we have seen. Contains almost 1000 (8.5 X 11 inch) pages with notes on the complete Bible (Old & New Testaments) – making this a veritable library of study and classic Protestant commentary in just one book!
(Bound photocopy, 2 volumes) $499.95-80%=$99.99 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy, 2 volumes) $129.00 (US funds)


Covenanted Uniformity: The Protestant Remedy for Disunity
These tapes, read by Larry Birger, are chapter 3 in Greg Barrow's The Covenanted Reformation Defended
(free at: http://www.swrb.com/newslett/actualnls/misrep3.htm). They set forth the scriptural, Protestant view of public social covenanting, showing how the National Covenant of Scotland and the Solemn League and Covenant of England, Scotland and Ireland bind us today, and how the renewal of these will heal the deplorable disunity of the Church. "Cardinal doctrines of Protestantism" (to borrow the words of Charles Hodge) such as the doctrine of churches and nations being "moral persons" are clearly explained, and the separationist "deep pit of covenant breaking" into which the modern Church has fallen is laid open and a helping hand extended. A must for those wishing to understand the biblical doctrine of covenanting, and the principles and practice of our Protestant forefathers!
(4 Cassettes) $15.92 (US funds)


Eschewing Ecclesiastical Tyranny: The Duty of Christ's Sheep
This tape, read by Larry Birger, is appendix G in Greg Barrow's The Covenanted Reformation Defended
(free at: http://www.swrb.com/newslett/actualnls/misrep2.htm). A brief but devastating rebuttal of those Popish and Prelatical "Presbyterian" elders (such as Richard Bacon) and other church leaders, who tyrannize Christ's sheep by insisting that private Christians are not to judge for themselves the doctrine, worship, government and discipline of any church or leadership claiming their subjection. This classical Protestant doctrine of the duty of private judgments by believers is skillfully cleared by Barrow, with a wealth of citations from eminent Protestant Reformers. As a taste, hear George Gillespie: "The subordinate judgment, which I call private, is the judgment of discretion whereby every Christian, for the certain information of his own mind, and the satisfaction of his own conscience, may and ought to try and examine, as well the decrees of councils as the doctrine of particular pastors, and in so far to receive and believe the same, as he understands them to agree with the Scriptures (A Dispute Against the English Popish Ceremonies, pp. 364-365, emphases added). Barrow also defends Kevin Reed against some of the libel of Dick Bacon found among Bacon's other Popish wrestings of the Reformers views (in Bacon's The Visible Church & Outer Darkness).
(Cassette) $3.98 (US funds)


The Protestant Antidote to Modern, Schismatical Disunity
These tapes, read by Larry Birger, are chapter four in Greg Barrow's The Covenanted Reformation Defended
(free at: http://www.swrb.com/newslett/actualnls/misrep4.htm). A breathtaking exposition of the biblical, Protestant doctrine of terms of communion and the nature of, and requirements to come to, the Lord's Table. Herein the modern, schismatical notion of requiring only a bare profession of the fundamentals of the faith, and good standing in an evangelical church, to partake of the Lord's Supper (i.e. "open communion," which is tearing the Church to pieces) is powerfully antidoted. Barrow instead offers the scriptural balm of healing for the festering, debilitating wounds of Christ's beloved Church. If you only listen to three tapes this year, this, "The Classical Protestant Doctrine of the Church," and "Eschewing Ecclesiastical Tyranny: The Duty of Christ's Sheep" (also both written by Barrow) should be them!
(5 Cassettes) $19.90 (US funds)


The Practice of Piety (c. 1611, 1842)
"In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries this work was the most universally read English book on devotion next to Pilgrim's Progress
. Bunyan himself ascribes the commencement of his spiritual life in some measure to the perusal of this practical handbook on piety... First published in the early 1600's... by 1792, (it was in) its seventy-first English edition... (It has) appeared in most European languages, including Dutch (1620), French (1625), German (1692), and Polish (1647). New England Puritans even translated it into the Indian language used in Massachusetts (1665)... Bayly's puritan convictions brought him into frequent conflict... in 1621 he was imprisoned for some months for his aversion to the infamous Book of Sports, and for other minor charges... Bayly's Practice of Piety is replete with practical, Puritan guidelines on the pursuit of holy living. The author commences his work with 'a plain description of God [in] his essence, person, and attributes.' He treats the doctrines of God as a basis for piety and divine grace as a ground for every grace which we sinners need. The remainder of the volume deals with the reasons for, and the conditions and objectives of piety... In short, this is a book about how to live well and how to die well... Read The Practice of Piety slowly, meditatively, prayerfully, and, I would recommend annually. Ask yourself repeatedly, 'Am I putting this wise spiritual director's scriptural advice into practice? Am I pursuing holiness -- that holiness without which no man shall please God or be received into the eternal glories of a holy heaven?'" (Joel Beeke). Here is a sample of Bayly's writing, "But God was more displeased with Cain for despairing of his mercy, than for murdering his brother; and with Judas for hanging himself, than for betraying his master: in that they would make the sins of mortal men greater than the infinite mercy of the eternal God; or as if they could be more sinful, than God was merciful: whereas the least drop of Christ's blood is of more merit to procure God's mercy for thy salvation, than all the sins that thou hast committed can be of force to provoke his wrath to thy damnation" (The Practice of Piety, pp. 294-295). 368 pages.
(Bound photocopy) $49.95-60%=$19.98 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy) $29.00 (US funds)


The Quest for Full Assurance: The Legacy of Calvin and His Successors (1999)
In-depth studies and comparisons of William Perkins, Willem Teellinck, the Westminster Confession, John Owen, Alexander Comrie, and Thomas Goodwin convincingly demonstrate, with fresh insights, that the differences between Calvin and English/Dutch Calvinism on assurance arose primarily from a newly evolving pastoral context -- rather than from foundational variations in doctrine. "
The first extensive essay on this important topic to appear in the English language…" (Richard Muller, back cover). "A long-needed and outstanding work on the subject of assurance… of permanent importance for preachers and students" (Iain Murray, back cover). "An erudite treatise… a valuable study in pastoral theology. It will therefore repay careful reading by scholar, pastor and lay people alike" (Preface, p. xvi, Sinclair Ferguson). "It is a joy to see Joel Beeke's simplified revision of his Ph.D. dissertation produced as The Quest for Full Assurance. For the first time in the English language we are offered a superb description and evaluation of the neglected doctrine of Assurance as developed from the Reformers through the Puritans to Alexander Comrie of the Dutch Second Reformation. What strikes this reviewer most, having read the original Ph.D. thesis, is not merely the clarity, simplicity, ease and familiarity with which Dr Beeke moves through his chosen field, but also his evident love for the Lord's people -- both those who have been formative influences on his own spiritual life and studies and those who continue to struggle with the great question 'Am I His or am I not?' May the God of all comfort richly apply to others our good friend's sensitive and warm-hearted treatment of a subject so evidently dear to his own heart." (John M. Brentnall in Peace and Truth 1999:3). Chapters include: "The Early and Medieval Church," 'The Reformation from Luther to Bullinger," Reformed Development in Calvin and Beza," "The Fathers of English Puritanism and the Dutch Second Reformation," "English Puritanism and the Westminster Confession, Chapter 18," "John Owen," "Alexander Comrie," "Thomas Goodwin: The Merging of English-Dutch Thinking of Assurance," and an appendix on " The Dutch Second Reformation." One of the best books on this most important (and practical) topic -- maybe even the best! Contains a 68-page bibliography, an 11-page index of names and subjects and a 3-page index of biblical references. 407 pages.
(Softcover) $29.95-20%=$23.96 (US funds)


The Forbidden Book (The Preservation of the Bible)
The story of the preservation of the Bible with special emphasis on the Reformation period. 62 minutes.
(Video) $29.95-20%=$23.96 (US funds)


Problems in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)
Birger was excommunicated for attempting to hold Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) elders to their vows to the Westminster standards. This tape recounts this dispute while bringing to light the great declension from biblical Reformation attainments in the PCA. The information on this tape is also available in Why the PCA is Not a Duly Constituted Church and Why Faithful Christians Should Separate from this Corrupted "Communion"
($5.98 P, $14.00 HP) or FREE in etext at: http://www.swrb.com/newslett/actualnls/PCAbad.htm.
(Cassette) $3.98 (US funds)

THE PSALMS OF DAVID IN METRE (i.e. the Scottish Metrical Psalter of 1650): Allowed By the Authority of the Kirk of Scotland, and of Several Branches of the Presbyterian Church in the United States. With Notes, Exhibiting the Connection, Explaining the Sense, and for Directing and Animating the Devotion (1844 edition published by Robert Carter [New York])

John Brown of Haddington (annotations). Psalter by Francis Rouse, the Westminster Divines, and the Scottish General Assembly (from 1646-1650)

This is the Psalter (less Brown's notes, which were added later) mandated, approved and used (for public and private worship) by the Westminster Assembly and all those who covenanted to uphold the Biblical Reformation that these Divines proclaimed. The text of the Scottish Metrical Psalms was authorized by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in 1650. Concerning the care and preparation that went into this unsurpassed Metrical Psalter, the January 15/93 issue of The Original Covenanter and Contending Witness magazine (www.covenanter.org) cites an earlier article which notes,

Rouse bestowed upon it his greatest pains. This was not enough. For six Years it endured the scrutiny of, and was revised by, two of the most learned Assemblies that ever sat in the British Isles; at a time, too, when these men were zealous for truth and suspicious of error. Every word was weighed, and every expression made exact, before admitted into any statement of Biblical truth. They wrote not so that they might be understood, but so that they could not be misunderstood. This exactness and conscientiousness they carried with them in their translation of the Psalms. In versifying them, they labored not to clothe the mind of the Spirit in poetic finery, but to cause the muse to bow to the exact expression of the Holy Ghost. The rhyme and rhythm are often defective; but what of that? it is the very word of God. That it is, is the testimony of many eminent Christian scholars. And so far from the poetry and style being deserving of contempt or ridicule, men of great literary taste have seen much in it to admire. Walter Scott says: 'The expression of the old metrical translation, though homely, is plain, forcible, and intelligible, and very often possesses a rude sort of majesty which, perhaps, would be ill exchanged for mere elegance.' For more than two centuries they have stood the test, and every attempt to render them more elegant has resulted in a departure from the exact expression of the Spirit. Let us hold fast to this good old version until another proves itself worthy of its place. History makes this sacred to us, These very words our forefathers sung'mid the rocks and glens o'bonnie Scotland. Our fathers sang them in the mountain wilds of Pennsylvania and the forests of the western wilderness. With these words they lightened their labours, mitigated their sorrows, assuaged their griefs, comforted their hearts, and lifted their souls to heaven.

The notes added by Brown are suitable for explaining the Psalm before singing and are a great aid to understanding and worship (whether public, family or private). Every song leader (especially fathers for family worship) should have a copy of this edition of the Scottish Psalter with Brown's notes. If money is a factor, the smaller, inexpensive hardcover, containing just the Psalms (see below) should suffice for other members of the family -- or the father (or other song leaders) can simply line out the Psalms (as Moses, David, the Apostles, etc. did). All the Psalms, excepting one, are rendered into common metre (with some alternate versions added) and thus can be sung by even those with almost no knowledge of music. For example, the tune to "Amazing Grace" is one of the many tunes that fits with all common metre renderings. And even Psalm 136, the one Psalm not in common metre, can be sung to any common metre tune, as it adds only one extra syllable to the end of every second line. Maybe not the delight of the accomplished musician, but certainly calculated to make the Psalms easily accessible to young and old alike (an attainment surely pleasing to the Lord Jesus Christ) -- as this Psalter was purposely produced to foster international (and covenanted) Reformation. The Scottish Metrical Psalter is a faithful translation and without a doubt remains the best Psalter in existence today. We have added (at no extra cost to our customers) a copy of the Westminster Shorter Catechism to this printing. This has been done to assist parents in catechizing their children during family worship. Also included in this edition (from the original publisher) is "A Table of the Psalms Classed Under Several Subject Heads" and an "Alphabetical Index of the First Line of Each Stanza." These sections comprise 48 pages of small print alone, while the complete book (not including the Shorter Catechism we've added) is made up of 424 pages. This is a primary source document of Reformation; not to be missed by those serious about the Reformed faith -- and worshipping God in spirit and in truth. There are few things in life as pleasing and enjoyable as communing with Christ through the singing of His Psalms!

(Rare Bound Photocopy) $39.95-60%=15.98 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy) $29.00 (US funds)

Also, this Psalter, with Brown's notes is available FREE on our web page at:


A smaller hardcover version of the Scottish Metrical Psalter containing only the words of the Psalms (without Brown's notes) is also available from SWRB for $9.99 (US funds)


Calvin's Commentaries (22 volumes)
Considered by many to be the best set of commentaries on Scripture ever produced! Calvin's Commentaries cover the O.T. (except for Judges through Job and Proverbs through Song of Solomon) and the N.T. (except 2 and 3 John and Revelation).

The preface to the Kregal edition of Spurgeon's Commenting and Commentaries (1988) also notes,

I would not be possible for me too earnestly to press upon you the importance of reading the expositions of that prince among men, JOHN CALVIN! I am afraid that scant purses may keep you from their purchase, but if it be possible, procure them. I have often felt inclined to cry out with Father Simon, a Roman Catholic: "Calvin possessed a sublime genius," and with Scaliger, "Oh! how well Calvin has reached the meaning of the prophets - no one better." You will find 42 or more goodly volumes worth their weight in gold. Of all commentaries I believe John Calvin to be the most candid. In his expositions he is not always what some would call Calvinistic. That is to say, where Scripture maintains the doctrine of predestination and grace he flinches in no degree, but inasmuch as some Scriptures bear the impress of human free action and responsibility, he does not shun to expound their meaning in all fairness and integrity. He was no trimmer and pruner of texts. He gave their meaning as far as he knew it. His honest intention was to translate the Hebrew and the Greek originals as accurately as he possibly could, and then to give the meaning which would naturally be conveyed by such Greek and Hebrew words. He labored, in fact, to declare, not his own mind upon the Spirit's words, but the mind of the Spirit as couched in those words. Dr. King very truly says of him:

No writer ever dealt more fairly and honestly by the Word of God. He is scrupulously careful to let it speak for itself, and to guard against every tendency of his own mind to put upon it a questionable meaning for the sake of establishing some doctrine which he feels to be important, or some theory which he is anxious to uphold. This is one of his prime excellences. He will not maintain any doctrine, however orthodox and essential, by a text of Scripture, which to him appears of doubtful application, or of inadequate force. For instance, firmly as he believed the doctrine of the Trinity, he refuses to derive an argument in its favor from the plural form of the name of God in the first chapter of Genesis. It were easy to multiply examples of this kind, which, whether we agree in his conclusion or not, cannot fail to produce the conviction that he is at least an honest commentator, and will not make any passage of Scripture speak more or less than, according to his view, its divine Author intended to speak.

The edition of John Calvin's works which was issued by the Calvin Translation Society, is greatly enriched by the remarks of the editors, consisting not merely of notes on the Latin of Calvin, and the French translation, or on the text of the original Scriptures, but also of weighty opinions of eminent critics, illustrative manners and customs, and observations of travelers. By the way, gentlemen, what a pity it is that people do not, as a rule, read the notes in the old Puritan books! If you purchase old copies of such writers as Brooks, you will find that the notes in the margin are almost as rich as the books themselves. They are dust of gold, of the same metal as the ingots in the center of the page. But to return to Calvin. If you needed any confirmatory evidence as to the value of his writings, I might summon a cloud of witnesses, but it will suffice to quote one or two. Here is the opinion of one who is looked upon as his great enemy, namely, Arminius: "Next to the perusal of the Scriptures, which I earnestly inculcate, I exhort my pupils to peruse Calvin's Commentaries, which I extol in loftier terms than Helmich (a Dutch Protestant divine, A.D. 1551-1608) himself; for I affirm that he excels beyond comparison in the interpretation of Scripture, and that his commentaries ought to be more highly valued than all that is handed down to us by the Library of the Fathers; so that I acknowledge him to have possessed above most others, or rather above all other men, what may be called an eminent gift of prophecy."

Quaint Robert Robinson said of him, "There is no abridging this sententious commentator, and the more I read him, the more does he become a favorite expositor with me." Richard Baxter wrote, "I know no man since the apostles' days, whom I value and honor more than Calvin, and whose judgment in all things, one with another, I more esteem and come nearer to."

(Hardcover, 22 volumes) $1395.95-65%=488.58 (US funds)


Election and Reprobation (#1)
This is the first sermon from the recently republished (by Old Paths Publications) book Sermons on Election and Reprobation
($39.58, hardcover). It is read by elder Lyndon Dohms.
(Cassette) $3.98 (US funds)


The Young Huguenots (by E.S. Floyer)
"Summary: In 1686 in France, after their parents and older brother are killed by the soldiers of King Louis XIV, four young Huguenots decide to flee to Amsterdam and embark on the dangerous journey" (p. 4). This is #4 in the Huguenot Inheritance Series. All the books in the Huguenot Inheritance Series are independent stories written by different authors. One young reviewer called this the second best title in the series. 181 pages.
(Softcover) $13.95-25%=10.46 (US funds)


Evolution: Fact or Belief? (1998)
An award winning international documentary containing scientific evidence that supports creation. "More and more scientists are abandoning the evolution theory on the grounds that it is contrary to the basic laws of science. They have discovered that it is a philosophy and not a science... Scientists from around the world are interviewed to find out why they do not accept evolution as a reasonable explanation for the origin of man and the universe. This video brings to light remarkable new evidence on the recent experiments conducted at Colorado State University showing that rocks cannot be used to date fossils or the earth. Made to high professional standards with ample use of graphics and illustrations, this video introduces the public to one of the most important disputes to confront the world of science" (video sleeve). 74 minutes.
(Video) $39.95-20%=$31.96 (US funds)


The Grand Canyon: Monument to the Flood (The Rocks Themselves Speak of A Creator) (1996)
"A video voyage through the 'canyon of canyons.' Your personal tour of the Grand Canyon brought to you by the creation scientists who know it best! Answer the hard question about the origin and history of the Grand Canyon. Learn how the Grand Canyon is best understood in the light of Scripture. Featuring five creation geologists: Steven Austin, Ph.D; George Van Burbach, Ph.D; John Morris, Ph.D; Andrew Snelling, Ph.D; Kurt Wise, Ph.D." (video sleeve). 55 minutes.
(Video) $29.95-10%=$26.96 (US funds)


Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation (1997)

An 8 hour video series with two lessons of approximately 40 minutes each on each of 6 videos. "Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation, is the most complete, user-friendly, introductory course available for Christian families on the controversial subject of origins. These videos are enhanced by hundreds of colorful, original photographs and scores of other visual aids. This video series is designed to simplify, clarify, and help you think through your own conclusions about many intimidating pronouncements of so-called 'science.' Thought-provoking questions and helpful observations increase insight on topics from Adam to ziggurats, dinosaurs to Darwin, Fossils to the flood, and bionics to bristlecone pines. The Creation Resource Foundation is devoted to helping families build a confidently Bible-based world view through multi-media seminars, books, videos, newsletters, media interviews, and field trips. Every production is designed to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ as The Creator, to whom every human being must be ultimately accountable" (video sleeve).

1. An Introduction to Creationism
Contains: A. Creation: The Genesis Account; B. The Very Good Earth.
(Video) $39.95-25%=$29.96 (US funds)

Discovering Our Young Earth
Contains: A. When Did It All Begin; B. Roots of the Corrupt Tree of Evolution.
(Video) $39.95-25%=$29.96 (US funds)

The Fallacies of the Evolutionary Theory
Contains: A. Fundamental Fallacies of Evolution; B. Amazing Mysteries Unravel Evolution.
(Video) $39.95-25%=$29.96 (US funds)

Man Dinosaurs and the Bible
Contains: A. Man, Dinosaurs and the Bible; B. Fossils, Footprints, and Dinosaur Adventure.
(Video) $39.95-25%=$29.96 (US funds)

Evolution's Chain of Missing Links
Contains: A. Where Are the Missing Links?; B. Enquire of the Former Age: A Biblical Base.
(Video) $39.95-25%=$29.96 (US funds)

Ancient Civilizations
Contains: A. Ancient Knowledge of Biblical Facts; B. What Did Ancient Man Achieve?.
(Video) $39.95-25%=$29.96 (US funds)

Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation
All six videos [12 lessons] listed above.
(SIX VIDEOS) $239.70-40%=$143.82 (US funds)


Horae Apocalypticae; or, A Commentary on the Apocalypse, Critical and Historical; Including Also An Examination of the Chief Prophecies of Daniel (1862)
The title continues: "Illustrated by an Apocalyptic Chart, and Engravings from Medals and Other Extant Monuments of Antiquity. With Appendices: Containing, Besides Other matters, A Sketch of the History of Apocalyptic Interpretation, Critical Reviews of the Chief Apocalyptic Counter-Schemes, and Indices." This four volume set is respected by many as a scholarly work on eschatology. It will be especially valuable in our day as it absolutely destroys the Jesuit inspired preterist system by conclusively proving a late date for the writing of the book of Revelation. Elliott also demonstrates the impossibility of the futurist system, which, like preterism, was also concocted (as a system) by the Jesuits to counteract the classic Reformation eschatology called historicism. That this is no small issue is clear, as Kevin Reed exhibits (in his book review titled "The Ecclesiology of John Foxe: A book review by Kevin Reed of John Foxe and the Elizabethan Church
by V. Norskov Olsen [Berkeley: University of California Press, 1973]") by citing Olsen when he writes,

The Counter Reformation is generally considered to have three aspects: the Jesuits, the Inquisition, and the Council of Trent. In view of the significance of the Protestant apocalyptic interpretation of history which prophetically pinpointed step by step the events covering the whole Christian era from the beginning to the end, it seems justifiable to suggest a fourth aspect, namely the praeteristic and futuristic interpretations launched by Catholic expositors as a counterattack (p. 47).

All the major Reformers and all the major Reformation creeds and confessions adopted the historicist position -- and it is this position that Elliott so skillfully defends. Included in Horae Apocalypticae you will also find a very useful historical survey of who held what positions concerning eschatology, much history on the Roman empire (and its interaction with Christianity), how the Reformation, Islam, etc. were prophesied in the Apocalypse, a world chronology according to the Hebrew Scriptures (which would make the Earth 6127 years old), patristic views of prophecy, the beast and his mark (666) revealed, and much more. The Papacy is also shown to be the apocalyptic antichrist, which was a standard position among the Reformers. Elliott also deals with Moses Stuart's Preterism.

Sadly, one major warning needs to be given about this book. However valuable the contents are as a defense of historicism (and the late date of the book of Revelation), the author adopted the premillennial heresy and thus marred an otherwise useful work when he promotes these views. 2611 pages, with a 29 page index.

(Bound photocopy, 4 volumes) $499.95-60%=$199.98 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy, 4 volumes) $299.00 (US funds)


Acts & Monuments or Foxe's Book of Martyrs (c. 1554; 8 volumes,1843-49 edition)
"No book ever inflicted a wound so deep and incurable on the Romish system of superstition & bloody persecution... (it) was placed in... all churches and chapels throughout the kingdom, by order of Queen Elizabeth." (Smith, Select Memoirs, p. 245). Contains much information not found in any of the liberally edited & severely shortened editions of this classic work which are in print today. Covering martyrs from the early church through to Foxe's day, it was one of the most influential books of the sixteenth century! It overflows with faith building testimony of the power of God to overcome the most cruel & barbarous acts of human depravity & demonic cruelty. 6890 pages.
(Rare bound photocopy, complete 8 volume set) $499.95-60%=$199.98 (US funds)
(Rare bound photocopy, single volumes for $34.95 each) (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy, complete 8 volume set) $299.00 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy, single volumes for $49.00 each) (US funds)


Calvin and the Sabbath: The Controversy of Applying the Fourth Commandment
"Not only does Gaffin show what Calvin thought, he also critiques his conclusions and compares them to other reformers and confessional statements of the period" (back cover). Indexed, 173 pages.
(Softcover) $29.95-20%=$23.96 (US funds)


Dinosaurs By Design
A beautiful (indexed) book with color illustrations on almost every page. Children (and adults) especially enjoy the many pictures depicting the massive size of various dinosaurs, as they are contrasted with the size of man. This book defends the creationists' view of dinosaurs, "taking you into the exciting world of dinosaurs to find out what they were really like." Chapters include: "Are there Dinosaurs in the Bible?," "What Happened to the Dinosaurs," "The Great Flood," "How Long Ago Did Dinosaurs Live (with information about living Dinosaurs--RB)," "Digging up Dinosaur Fossils," "Evolutionary Fairy Tales," "Effects of Sin," "Flood Legends," "Ice Age," and many more. Children just love this book!
(Large Hardcover) $29.95-20%=$23.96 (US funds)


Africa's Agony: The Untold Story (Audio Documentary)
The inside scoop on the struggle for the soul of Africa. Documents how various demonic forces (including the UN, Communism, Islam and Witchcraft), who have aligned themselves against "the Lord and His Anointed," are attempting to destroy the church. You won't find most of this information in the pagan papers or on the pagan news shows.
(Cassette) $9.95 (US funds)


Faith Under Fire in Sudan (new edition)
"This is a updated and expanded version of the original Faith Under Fire in Sudan
. This book presents the inspiring story of the oldest community of Christians in Africa. Despite suffering some of the worst persecution in the world today many churches in Sudan are experiencing real revival and spectacular growth. This book will introduce you to some of the unforgettable heroes of Sudan and their legacy" (In Touch Mission).
(Softcover) $19.95


Holocaust in Rwanda: The Roles of Gun Control, Media Manipulation, Liberal Church Leaders & the United Nations
"On 6 April 1994, one of the most dreadful campaigns of mass murder was unleashed upon the Tutsi people of Rwanda. In just 100 days more people had been slaughtered with machetes and clubs than had died from atomic weapons in all of history. The horrific massacres in homes, hospitals, churches, and on the streets have been widely reported. However, the reasons why this systematic slaughter was unleashed have received little coverage. Similarly, the events leading up to the intense and widespread violence seem little understood. Most importantly, the lessons we need to learn from the genocide in Rwanda need to clearly and repeatedly proclaimed throughout the world. In Holocaust in Rwanda
, missionary Peter Hammond deals with all these aspects. He also examines the disgraceful involvement of liberal church leaders, gun control, media manipulation, the French and US governments and the United Nations in the crisis" (In Touch Mission).
(Softcover) $9.95 (US funds)

HAMMOND, PETER (Video Documentary)

In the Frontline: Evangelizing in the War Zones
This 35 minute video is an astonishing and graphic account of the terrible oppression that Christians face in various African countries today (at the hands of Muslims, Communists and others). It also shows the sacrifices that must be made if Africa is to become a Christian continent. Furthermore, it explains what is presently being done to bring these nations to Christ and how you can help.
(Video) $24.95 (US funds)

HAMMOND, PETER (Audio Documentary)

Jihad & Slavery in Sudan: Africa's Forgotten War
A stunning account, based on many eyewitness testimonies, of the ongoing and brutal Islamic persecution of Christians in Sudan. Also provides documentation of the thriving slave trade practiced by the Muslims (on Christians) in Africa. "Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body" (Heb. 13:3).
(Cassette) $9.95 (US funds)

HAMMOND, PETER (Audio Documentary)

Persecution in Africa
How Communism, Witchcraft and Islam are responsible for the torture and murder of many Christians in Africa in our day. Also includes incredible instances of God's judgment against the persecutors, as well as examples of His deliverance of His people. Exposes much that the pagan news media will not touch -- because of their hatred of the truth and their overt antichristian bias. Sadly, this tape also shows how some of the governments run by the persecuting "authorities" are propped up by US tax dollars. This tape is not for the weak of heart. "And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it..." (1 Cor. 12:26).
(Cassette) $9.95 (US funds)

HAMMOND, PETER (Audio Documentary)

Revival Amidst Persecution in Sudan
Demonstrates how God continues to pour out His Spirit even in the midst of some of the worst persecution of Christians on the globe. A moving account (by a courageous and seasoned missionary) documenting the serious and severe situation faced by the church in Africa today -- as her battle with the three great antichristian forces on this continent (Islam, Communism, and Witchcraft) rages at a fevered pitch. Includes accounts of heroism and sacrifice by Christians which rival any of the faith-building accounts of the martyrs of centuries gone by.
(Cassette) $9.95 (US funds)


In the Killing Fields of Mozambique (1998)
"'A Shocking Expose' -- During the dark days of oppression and civil war in the 1980's when Soviet-backed dictator Samora Machel had free reign to pursue his mad dream of turning Mozambique into 'the first truly Marxist country in Africa,' Christian missionary Peter Hammond ventured into the killing fields. As he traveled throughout Mozambique... preaching the Gospel and delivering relief aid to suffering Christians, he discovered a very systematic campaign of terror and persecution. The shocking, yet unreported true stories inside this book document the atrocities committed and shares inspiring testimonies of Christians who faced the cruelty and carnage, including the capture and prison experience of the author and his missionary team. The book concludes with the vital historic facts and important lessons that should be learned from the scorched earth campaign, manmade famine and abuse of relief aid caused by the communist forces" (In Touch Mission International).
(Softcover) $14.95 (US funds)

HAMMOND, PETER (Video Documentary)

Under Fire in Sudan
Another shocking video documentary (from Frontline Fellowship, P.O. Box 74, Newlands, 7725 Cape Town, South Africa) exposing what the pagan news media hides from Christians concerning the plight of our brethren in other nations -- Sudan in particular.
(Video) $24.95 (US funds)


I Kissed Dating Goodbye: A New Attitude Toward Romance and Relationships (1997)
"Tired of the game? Kiss dating goodbye. Dating. Isn't there a better way? I Kissed Dating Goodbye
suggests there is. Reorder your romantic life in the light of God's Word and find more fulfillment than a date could ever give -- a life of sincere love, true purity and purposeful singleness" (back cover). "I don't think that I've ever read a book in which the author is more honest and real than Josh is in this one. He tackles the hard issues, the tough questions on this confusing topic of 'to date or not to date.' And he gives practical answers. Joshua Harris has a powerful way of sharing from his experience. And since he is our age (just out of the teen years himself), he knows what he's talking about. One of the things that I like the most about Josh's writing is that he brings it all back to the Bible and how we can really live what it says. And after knowing him for the last couple of years, I can truly says that he 'walks his talk'" (Rebecca St. James, from the Foreword).
(Softcover) $19.95-20%=$15.96 (US funds)


Rome's Responsibility for the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln (1897)
General Harris was "a member of the 'Military Commission' that tried and condemned the conspirators" and thus "he had unusual opportunities for accurate knowledge concerning Rome's responsibility for... the assassination of Abraham Lincoln" (Pref. Note). The General writes,

The Jesuit plans with the utmost art and cunning, unhampered by any moral restraints, and always with the utmost secrecy; and carries out his plans in the dark. We think, however, that in this case, we have succeeded in tracing him through all the devious wanderings of his dark and slimy path, and, in fixing upon him the responsibility for the assassination of President Lincoln (p. 21).

It has also been noted that this book was,

written in response to the charges of Mrs. Surratt's (one of the conspirators in the assassination of Lincoln--RB) confessor (a Romanist priest named Walters--RB), the pastor of St. Patrick's Roman Church, Washington, D.C., who had dared to raise his voice in defense of this woman 27 years after her execution. General Harris' book, the only one of its kind, has so effectually and completely "nailed" the ecclesiastical liar, that it (i.e. Harris' book--RB) has been removed from most public libraries throughout the country on account of its contents (McCarty, The Suppressed Truth About the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln [c. 1922], p. 216, emphases added).

Though not a Covenanter book, and thus defective in some obvious areas, this title contains much useful information which exposes the Romish harlot. 40 pages.
(Bound photocopy) $14.95-50%=$7.48 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy) $19.00 (US funds)


Peace That Passes Understanding (1998)
A great practical Covenanter sermon. Henderson lived 1583-1646 and was the leader of the Scottish commissioners that attended the Westminster Assembly. He was also "the prime architect of the National Covenant (1638) and the Solemn League and Covenant (1643)" (Dictionary of Scottish Church History & Theology
, p. 397). Baillie called Henderson "the fairest ornament, after John Knox, of incomparable memory, that ever the Church of Scotland did enjoy." This sermon is on Phil. 4:6-7, "Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." It is read by Elder Lyndon Dohms, from Henderson's book Sermons, Prayers, and Pulpit Addresses ($19.98 P, $34.00 HP).
(Cassette, $3.98) (US funds)

(Video [SPECIAL]) $11.99 (US funds)


Biographia Scoticana: or, A Brief Historical Account of the Lives, Characters, and Memorable Transactions of the Most Eminent Scots Worthies (second edition, corrected and enlarged, 1781)
Most commonly known as "Scots Worthies," this edition contains Howie's footnotes (defending the Covenanters) and Howie's appendix titled "The Judgment and Justice of God" (which chronicles God's judgments upon Reformation apostates and those who persecuted the Covenanters). It is the only edition in print which contains both these sections intended for publication by the author (as later editors often removed either one or both of these parts of this book). Biographia Scoticana
covers the history of "noblemen, gentlemen, ministers and others from Mr. Patrick Hamilton, who was born about the year of our Lord 1503, and suffered martyrdom at St Andrews, Feb, 1527, to Mr. James Renwick, who was executed in the Grass-market of Edinburgh, Feb. 17, 1688. Together with a succinct account of the lives of other seven eminent divines, and Sir Robert Hamilton of Preston, who died about, or shortly after the Revolution. This is one of our best history books (over 700 pages), covering all of the major Scottish Reformers. Howie summarizes his book as follows: "The design of the following was to collect, from the best authorities, a summary account of the lives, characters, and contendings, of a certain number of our most renowned SCOTS WORTHIES, who, for their faithful services, ardent zeal, constancy in sufferings, and other Christian graces and virtues, deserve honourable memorial in the Church of Christ; and for which their names have been, and will be savoury to all the true lovers of our Zion, while Reformation principles are regarded." Furthermore, the momentous nature of the struggles chronicled in this book are succinctly noted when Howie writes: "the primitive witnesses had the divinity of the Son of God, and an open confession of Him, for their testimony. Our reformers from Popery had Antichrist to struggle with, in asserting the doctrines of the Gospel, and the right way of salvation in and through Jesus Christ. Again, in the reigns of James VI. and Charles I., Christ's REGALIA, and the divine right of Presbytery, became the subject matter of their testimony. Then, in the beginning of the reign of Charles II. (until he got the whole of our ancient and laudable constitution effaced and overturned), our Worthies only saw it their duty to hold and contend for what they had already attained unto. But, in the end of this and the subsequent tyrant's reign, they found it their duty (a duty which they had too long neglected) to advance one step higher, by casting off their authority altogether, and that as well on account of their manifest usurpation of Christ's crown and dignity, as on account of their treachery, bloodshed, and tyranny... which may be summed up. The Primitive martyrs sealed the prophetic office of Christ in opposition to Pagan idolatry. The reforming martyrs sealed His priestly office with their blood, in opposition to Popish idolatry. And last of all, our late martyrs have sealed His kingly office with their best blood, in despite of supremacy and bold Erastianism. They indeed have cemented it upon His royal head, so that to the world's end it shall never drop off again." Moreover, the importance of this book can be clearly seen when Johnston, in Treasury of the Scottish Covenant, reports that, "Walter Scott refers to Howie as 'the fine old chronicler of the Cameronians' ...Howie's book has been for upwards of a century a household word, occupying a place on the shelf beside the Bible and the Pilgrim's Progress." Written for God, country and the covenanted work of Reformation. Stirring history!
(Bound photocopy) $99.95-82%=17.99

(Hardcover photocopy) $29.00 (US funds)
(19 cassettes, Birger reading) $75.62 (US funds)


The Judgment and Justice of God Exemplified (1782)
The subtitle reads: "A Brief Historical Account of the Wicked Lives and Miserable Deaths of some of the most remarkable Apostates and bloody Persecutors in Scotland, from the Reformation till after the Revolution; Collected from Historical Records, Authenticated Writings, and other well- vouched Relations." The place this writing originally had as an appendix to Scots Worthies
can be seen in the way Howie compares the saints (and their end) with the reprobates (and their end), in the introduction to this work. Howie comments, "let us through the foregoing mirror and following prospect, view the Lord's admirable goodness to his own dear children even when walking through the furnace of afflictions, with his just and severe indignation and resentment even in this life upon his and their enemies. Let us behold the one wafted over the dark river in the arms of the Redeemer (though sometimes on a bloody bottom) unto the flowery banks of Emmanuel's land;-- while the other is with an awful gloom of horror hurled head-long into the pit of destruction. Let us by faith apprehend those thousands of thousands at Christ's right hand, singing 'Allelujah, true and righteous are his judgments; he hath judged the great whore, and avenged the blood of his servants,'-- with a numberless throng on his left hand of these miscreants sentenced unto that place of torment and woe, where they shall have an eternity to bewail their infidelity, impiety, avarice, ambition, cruelty, and stupidity in. And, in fine, if the following hints shall serve for no other purpose, they will stand for an incontestable evidence of the very first principle of religion, that there is a God to reward the righteous and punish the wicked:-- 'So that men shall say, Verily, there is a reward for the righteous; verily there is a God that judgeth in the earth.'" One of the many instructive (and often startling) accounts provided by Howie notes how the young man "who gave the covenants out of his hand (in Edinburgh--RB) to the hangman to be burnt... never had the use of that hand after," as "the Lord would not suffer him to go unpunished in this life." Some later editors sought to suppress the information contained in this book (of 68 pages) and thus removed it from its intended place as an appendix to the best editions of Scots Worthies. In seeking to correct this misstep we offer it again to the public for the first time in many years. We have also added it back into our photocopy editions of Scots Worthies.
(Bound photocopy) $14.95-60%=5.98

(Hardcover photocopy) $15.00 (US funds)
(2 cassettes, Birger reading) $7.96 (US funds)


Exposition of Jude (1652, 1863 edition)
"Earnest and popular, but very full, and profoundly learned. A treasure-house of good things" (Spurgeon).
(Bound photocopy) $99.95-80%=19.99 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy) $29.00 (US funds)


Prayer & Practical Christianity
Another exceedingly practical sermon by one of the Covenanter martyrs of Scotland, read by elder Lyndon Dohms. It is taken from the book compiled by John Howie A Collection of Very Valuable Sermons Preached on Several Subjects and in Divers Places in the Time of the Late Persecution
($4.48 P, $14.00 HP).
(Cassette) $3.98 (US funds)


Revival and Judgement
King was a Covenanter martyr and this sermon was preached Aug. 22, 1678, shortly before he gave his life for the covenanted cause of Christ. It is read by elder Lyndon Dohms and taken from the book compiled by John Howie A Collection of Very Valuable Sermons Preached on Several Subjects and in Divers Places in the Time of the Late Persecution
($4.48 P, $14.00 HP).
(Cassette) $3.98 (US funds)


(Published by the Trinitarian Bible Society). PLEASE use code numbers when ordering (all prices in US funds)
Page size: 5.5"x 3.75 Thickness: 1" Bible Paper; Bible Word List; Daily Bible Reading Scheme

PS31A Vinyl boards, head & tails bands, ($24.95)
PS31D Leather-grain cloth, art gilt edges, ($39.95)
PS31T Leather-grain cloth, zip, art gilt edges ($49.95)
PS31U French Morocco, art-gilt edges, ($54.95)
Page size: 7.5"x 5.25" Thickness: 1" Bible Paper; Bible Word List; Daily Bible Reading Scheme

PS5A Vinyl boards, head & tail bands, ($29.95)
Page Size: 6.75"x 4.75 Thickness: 1.25" India Paper; Chapter Summaries; Bible word, List Daily Bible Reading Scheme; Gilt bands on spine

PS2F Calfskin-grain leather, art gilt edges, ($69.95)
Page size: 7"x 4.25 Thickness: 1" Bible Word List; Daily Bible Reading Scheme, Fine India Paper

PS6J Calfskin, zip, art gilt edges, ($89.95)
Page Size: 8.25"x 5.5" Thick.: 1" India Paper; Concordance; Glossary; Maps & Gazetteer

PSC8A Leather-grain vinyl boards, marker ribbon ($79.95)
PSC8E Bonded leather, art gilt edges ($99.95)
PSC8H Calfskin, art gilt edges ($149.95)


Great Thoughts from Knox
A number of stirring statements selected from various books and letters written by one of the most notable, zealous and faithful Reformers since the days of the Apostles. A nice easy-reading introduction to the teaching of John Knox, in his own words. It is unlikely you will ever be the same after reading Knox -- most either love or hate him! 94 pages.
(Softcover) $9.95-20%=7.96 (US funds)


Taking Heaven By Storm (4 tapes)
Read by Elder Lyndon Dohms, these sermons are taken from Love's Zealous Christian Taking Heaven By Holy Violence
($7.98 P, $19.00 HP). Love was a Covenanted English Presbyterian who was beheaded by Cromwell's soldiers. Ultimately Love was executed for His faithfulness to the cause of Christ and the Solemn League and Covenant -- a covenant that Cromwell (who we call "the Judas of the Covenant") swore and then broke repeatedly. Portions of the testimony Love gave just before he was martyred preface these sermons. The sermons themselves are classic examples of Puritan preaching, dealing with the Christian life at various levels not often heard in modern preaching. Here Love teaches us to be moderate in the indifferent things of this world, but not in the things of the Lord -- as we are exhorted to be on fire for the kingdom of heaven. This set contains five sermons, with two sermons included on the last tape.
(4 Cassettes) $15.92 or (4 Videos) $47.96 (US funds)


Wrestling in Prayer (6 sermons)
Read by Elder Lyndon Dohms, these sermons are taken from Love's Zealous Christian Taking Heaven By Holy Violence
($7.98 P, $19.00 HP). Contains deep and practical Puritan spirituality dealing with one of the most important topics a Christian can study.
(6 Cassettes) $23.88 or (6 Videos) $71.94 (US funds)


Church History for Young Children With Cartoons (The Reformation)
A great introduction and overview of Reformation history and teaching for young children (and adults too!). 32 pages, handy "children's" size.
(Book) $2.97 (US funds)


New Testament Greek for Beginners (1923)
A standard text for learning Greek. "This textbook is intended primarily for students who are beginning the study of the Greek Testament either without any previous acquaintance with the Greek language or with an acquaintance so imperfect that a renewed course of elementary instruction is needed... The New Testament usage will here be presented without any reference to Attic Prose... The book is an instruction book, and not a descriptive grammar.
Since it is an instruction book, everything in it is made subservient to the imparting of a reading acquaintance with the language... The effort is made here to enter upon these explanations which the fifteen years' experience of the author in teaching New Testament Greek has shown to be essential... The vocabularies have been limited to words which are very common in the New Testament..." (Preface). Indexed, 299 pages.
(Bound photocopy) $49.95-60%=$19.98 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy) $24.00 (US funds)


A Faithful Cloud of Witnesses
This is Manton's farewell sermon, August 17, 1662, on the occasion of the great ejection. It is read by Elder Lyndon Dohms from Farewell Sermons: Preached by the Ejected Non-Conformist Ministers of 1662 to their Congregations on the Say of their Ejection
(Cassete) $3.98 (US funds)
(Video) $11.99 (US funds)


Coronation of Glory: The Story of Lady Jane Grey
A Protestant Queen and martyr, this is the fascinating story of the courageous Christian women who was queen of England for just nine days. "Jane was proclaimed queen after Edward's death on 6 July (1553--RB). The Catholic Mary Tudor, however, claimed the throne, and despite the efforts of Northumberland and other Protestants, Jane was soon a prisoner in the Tower of London. Although Jane was condemned to death for treason, her life was, in fact, spared until her father's involvement in Sir Thomas Wyatt's rebellion in early 1554. She was executed, with her husband, on 12 February 1554.
Jane's death at the hands of the monarch who restored England to the Roman obedience, together with her youth and learning, created an ideal model of female constancy and evangelical piety. Writings attributed to her soon appeared in print, while numerous editions of John Foxe's Acts and Monuments (more commonly know as Foxe's Book of Martyrs--RB), which gave a full account of her conduct in the last months of her life, spread her fame still further" (The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation, vol. 2, page 194, bold emphases added).
(Softcover) $14.95 (US funds)


Farewell Sermons of Some of the Most Eminent of the Nonconformist Ministers Delivered at the Period of Their Ejectment By the Act of Uniformity in the Year 1662 (1816 edition)
Originally printed in two volumes, in 1662 and 1663, this is the later (1816) one volume edition. It includes 24 of the original 31 sermons and an historical and biographical preface. These sermons are some of the most heartfelt sermons that you may ever encounter, as well as an excellent example of Puritan preaching at its finest. Thomas Manton, Thomas Watson, William Jenkyn, Richard Baxter, Thomas Brooks, Thomas Case, and a number of other famous Puritans all have their farewell sermons to their congregations included in this book. The stands taken by these ministers brought loss of income, loss of earthly comforts, persecution and even death – thus the topics they dwelt upon are of great importance to Christians of all ages. 465 pages.
(Bound photocopy) $69.95-50%=$34.98 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy) $49.00 (US funds)


The Day of the Sabbath (1883)
Defends the first day of the week as the Apostolic Sabbath.
(Bound photocopy) $9.95-60%=$3.98 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy) $9.00 (US funds)


The Apostolic/Reformation Way to Worldwide (Biblical) Church Unity (7 sermons, 1998)
Seven astounding sermons on God's biblically ordained method to fulfill His command for unity (and the great commission) in the visible church: 1. What Are Terms of Communion? (2 cassettes); 2. What is Close Communion? (2 cassettes); 3. What is Occasional Hearing (or Occasional Communion)? (3 cassettes). These truths which have been prominent from Old Testament times to the days of the Apostles -- and in all great subsequent Reformations and true revivals (especially during the second Reformation) -- are clearly, simply and Scripturally presented. These forgotten or ignored doctrines are once again coming to public notice in the preaching of Greg Price (and the publishing of classic Covenanter literature), as well as in the contemporary call for a third Reformation in which the nations of the earth will once again enter into (or renew) covenant with Christ. As Price points out from Scripture, these truths will also be well known in the days of millennial glory to come. "And the LORD shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one LORD, and his name one (visibly--RB)" (Zech. 14:9). These sermons give us a foretaste of the blessings that God will pour out upon His church when she runs "the way of thy commandments" (Ps. 119:32) and when "the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea" (Isa. 11:9)!
(7 Cassettes, $27.86 (US funds)
(7 Videos [SUPER SPECIAL]) $49.95 (US funds)


Baptism and Promise (1998)
Explains why baptism is a sign and a seal of the
external covenant of grace. Defends infant baptism on this basis. Also touches on the free offer of the gospel and how this is connected to what takes place in the baptism of children. Furthermore, Price explains the differences between promise and command and between a promise made and a promise realized (as it applies to the baptism of infants). He also shows that there is no such thing as an "age of accountability," and how children are guilty before God from conception. On the other side of this question Scriptural examples are furnished of very young children (and even those in the womb!) being filled with the Holy Spirit.
(Cassette, $3.98
(Video [SPECIAL]) $11.99 (US funds)


Christmass Condemned By Christ (3 sermons, 1998)
Price shows how the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ condemns all man-invented holy days. Scripture and history are brought to bear most specifically on the celebration of Christ-mass, demonstrating why it is a sin to celebrate this day. It is also noted that Scripture never commands the celebration of this day and that there is no evidence that Christ and the Apostles ever celebrated this day -- in fact, this sycretism of paganism and "Babylonian" Christianity was not first celebrated until 354 A.D. (when December 25 was chosen, in accord with the Pagan feast of Saturnalia, as the day of "celebration"). Price also clearly shows that to call yourself Reformed while you hold on to this Roman Catholic/Pagan monument of idolatry makes for a serious contradiction in your testimony -- as the best Reformed churches have always disciplined those (in accord with Scriptural teaching) who broke the second and fourth commandments by keeping antichristian festival days like Christ-mass, Easter, etc.. Citations from Luther, Calvin and the company of Geneva Pastors, the Church of Scotland's First Book of Discipline
, the 1620 Dutch Synod, the Civil Government of Holland (1625), the U.S. Colonies and the Westminster Assembly all speak with one voice against this Romish corruption. Common objections against the classic Reformed position are also answered. "Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen" (Jer. 10:2). For more information see Christmas: A Biblical Critique by Kevin Reed and M. Schneider free at: http://www.swrb.com/newslett/actualnls/Xmas_ch0.htm.
(3 Cassettes, $11.94) (US funds)

(3 Videos [SPECIAL]) $29.95) (US funds)


Death: A Biblical View (1999)
The teaching from Scripture explaining: 1. The certainty of death; 2. The nearness of death; 3. The weakness of man; 4. The hope of man. Price shows how the sting of death has been removed for the Christian and how the biblical contemplation of death should spur us on to love and good works. A sobering sermon, which we hope, all will take the time to obtain, listen to and meditate upon. "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment..." (Heb. 9:27).
(Cassette) $3.98 (US funds)
(Video [SPECIAL]) $11.99 (US funds)


How To Get Answers To Prayer (1998)
The best sermon we have heard on prayer. Explains how to pray, what to ask and how to get answers. Also contains much that is valuable in regard to personal sanctification.
(Cassette) $3.98 (US funds)
(Video [SPECIAL]) $9.99 (US funds)


The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (1998-99, 16 tapes)
The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (#1) "The Divine Institution of Marriage" (Cassette, $3.98; Video, $11.99)
The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (#2) "Preparing for Marriage 1/2" Contains advanced teaching on courtship. (Cassette, $3.98; Video, $11.99)
The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (#3) "Preparing for Marriage 2/2" Contains advanced teaching on courtship. (Cassette, $3.98; Video, $11.99)
The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (#4) "Husband's Role & Duty 1/2" (Cassette, $3.98; Video, $11.99)
The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (#5) "Husband's Role & Duty 2/2" (Cassette, $3.98; Video, $11.99)
The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (#6) "Wife's Role & Duty 1/2" (Cassette, $3.98; Video, $11.99)
The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (#7) "Wife's Role & Duty 2/2" (Cassette, $3.98; Video, $11.99)
The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (#8-13) "Marriage & Divorce" (6 cassettes, $23.88; 6 Videos, $49.95)
The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (#14) "Training Children & Parental Duties 1/3" (Cassette, $3.98; Video, $11.99)
The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (#15) "Training Children & Parental Duties 2/3" (Cassette, $3.98; Video, $11.99)
The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (#16) "Training Children & Parental Duties 3/3" (Cassette, $3.98; Video, $11.99)
The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (#1-#16) (16 Cassettes , $63.68; 16 Videos, $191.84)


Marriage and Divorce (1999)
A masterful defense of the biblical principles related to marriage, divorce and remarriage. Defends the classic Reformation position as it is summed up in chapter 24 of the Westminster Confession of Faith
. This series is excerpted from Price's larger series The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family and make up tapes 8-13 in that series.
(6 Cassettes) $23.88 (US funds)

(6 Videos [SPECIAL]) $49.95 (US funds)



(A-Z by title, # of cassettes in series, cost in US funds)


The Apostolic/Reformation Way to Worldwide (Biblical) Church Unity (1998), 7, $27.86

Baptism and Promise (1998), 1, 3.98

Christmass Condemned By Christ (1998), 3, 11.94

Death: A Biblical View (1999), 1, 3.98

How To Get Answers To Prayer (1998), 1, 3.98

Marriage & Divorce, 6, $23.88

Micah 1:1-7 (#1) Corrupt Worship & God's Anger With the Church & the Nations (1998), 1, 3.98

Micah 1:8-16 (#2) Mercy in God's Judgment, 1, 3.98

Micah 2:1-2 (#3) God Defends the Poor & Helpless, 1, 3.98

Micah 2:3-13 (#4) The Goodness and Severity of God, 1, 3.98

Micah 3:1-4 (#5) Biblical Civil Rule Expounded (With An Antidote     Against Anti-Reformed Views of the Civil Magistrate), 1, 3.98

Micah 3:5-8 (#6,#7,#8) Faithful and Unfaithful Ministry Contrasted, 3, 8.94

Micah 4:1-5 (#9-#10) Reformation Eschatology, the Millen-   nium and the Victory of Christ's Kingdom, 2, 7.96

Micah 4:6-8 (#11 & #12) Israel Turns To Christ, 2, 7.96

Micah 4:9-13 (#13) Suffering Leads to Reformation, 1, 3.98

Micah 5:1-6 (#14) Christ: The Conquering King, 1, 3.98

Micah 5:7-15 (#15) Promises to the Remnant, 1, 3.98

Micah 5:1-6 (#16) The Covenant Love of Christ, 1, 3.98

Micah 5:1-6 (#17) Hypocrisy Versus Heart Religion, 1, 3.98

Micah 5:1-6 (#18) The Harvest of Hypocrisy: Self-deception, False Worship and the Judgment of God, 1, 3.98

Micah 5:1-6 (#19) Christ's Little Flock Against the World, 1, 3.98

MICAH SERIES (#1-#19, ongoing) (19 Cassettes, $75.62; 16 Videos, $227.81)

The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (#1) "The Divine Institution of Marriage," 1, $3.98

The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (#2) "Preparing for Marriage 1/2," 1, $3.98

The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (#3) "Preparing for Marriage 2/2," 1, $3.98

The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (#4) "Husband's Role & Duty 1/2" (Cassette, $3.98; Video, $11.99)

The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (#5) "Husband's Role & Duty 2/2" (Cassette, $3.98; Video, $11.99)

The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (#6) "Wife's Role & Duty 1/2" (Cassette, $3.98; Video, $11.99)

The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (#7) "Wife's Role & Duty 2/2" (Cassette, $3.98; Video, $11.99)

The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (#8-13) "Marriage & Divorce" (6 cassettes, $23.88; 6 Videos, $49.95)

The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (#14) "Training Children & Parental Duties 1/3" (Cassette, $3.98; Video, $11.99)

The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (#15) "Training Children & Parental Duties 2/3" (Cassette, $3.98; Video, $11.99)

The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (#16) "Training Children & Parental Duties 3/3" (Cassette, $3.98; Video, $11.99)

The Puritan View of Marriage & the Family (SERIES) (16 Cassettes, $63.68; 16 Videos, $191.84)





(A-Z by title, author, cost)


The Classical Protestant Doctrine of the Church by Greg Barrow (1998, chapter 2 from Covenanted Reformation Defended, as read by Larry Birger), $3.98

Election and Reprobation (#1), John Calvin, $3.98

James Stewart & John Knox: Scotland's "Two Sons of Oil" (excerpted from John Howie's Scots Worthies, 1781 ed.; audio cassette, narrated by Larry Birger, Jr.), $3.98

Prayer & Practical Christianity, John Kidd, $3.98

Problems in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), Larry Birger, $3.98

A Faithful Cloud of Witnesses, Thomas Manton, $3.98

Revival and Judgement, John King, $3.98

Seeking the Lord, Gabriel Semple, $3.98

Taking Heaven By Storm (#1-#4), Christopher Love, $15.92 (4 cassettes)

Wrestling in Prayer (#1-#6), Christopher Love, $23.88 (6 cassettes)


A Short Account of the Old Presbyterian Dissenters, Under the Inspection of the Reformed Presbyteries of Scotland, Ireland, and North America. Comprehending also an Abstract of Their Principles. Intended as an Introduction To The Perusal of Their Judicial Testimony, and Other Larger Works (1806).
SECTION I.-The several Names, by which the Old Dissenters have been known and distinguished. SECTION II.-The Rise and Progress of the Old Dissenters. SECTION III.-Concerning the deceased Mr. M'Millan's coming off from the Revolution Church. SECTION IV.-The Reformation Attainments, to which the Old Dissenters wish still to adhere. SECTION V.-The Departures from the Reformation Attainments, against which the Dissenters reckon it their duty to testify. SECTION VI.-Containing an outline of the Doctrine, Worship, Discipline, and Government to which the Old Dissenters adhere; and of their present situation. [Anno 1806.] APPENDIX.-Containing a few Strictures on a proper Testimony for the Truth. 29 pages.
(Bound photocopy) $9.95-70%=$2.99 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy) $13.00 (US funds)



Is Christmas Christian?
An excellent introduction to Christian opposition to Christmas. This item is also free at: http://www.swrb.com/newslett/actualnls/Xmas_ch0.htm.
(Booklet) $.97 (US funds)


Seeking the Lord
This sermon was preached March 21, 1679. It is read by elder Lyndon Dohms and taken from the book compiled by John Howie A Collection of Very Valuable Sermons Preached on Several Subjects and in Divers Places in the Time of the Late Persecution
($4.48 P, $14.00 HP). It is a good example of the practical Covenanter preaching that took place in the days of persecution in Scotland.
(Cassette) $3.98 (US funds)


Understanding the Scriptural Principle of Worship (1999)
The author states, "This paper is written from a Dutch perspective and thus deliberately ignores the many excellent writings of the Presbyterians and Puritans of the time of the Reformation and modern history." It defends the Reformed understanding of worship from Scripture (including an excellent chart of Biblical and Confessional references for the elements of worship as commanded by God) and the writings of the continental Reformers. This work is also free at: http://www.swrb.com/newslett/FREEBOOK/RefWorsh.htm.
(Bound photocopy) $9.95-50%=$4.98 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy) $15.00 (US funds)


The Religion of Secular Humanism: Clergy in the Classroom (1998)
"Secular Humanism is a real and well-developed worldview embraced by many educators, intellectuals and leaders throughout our nation. This program examines the crushing weight of evidence supporting the fact that Secular Humanism is a religion, and the dominant worldview taught in public schools today" (video sleeve). 40 minutes.
(Video) $29.95 (US funds)


Dinosaurs and the Bible
"Are Dinosaurs described in the Bible? What was it like during the worldwide flood of Noah's time? Dinosaurs and the Bible helps you discover answers to these questions and other modern mysteries surrounding dinosaurs. Educational, fun and entertaining... Dinosaurs and the Bible will take you on an adventure of discovery from creation to modern expeditions in search of living dinosaurs" (back cover). This book "contains new information and is a much needed addition to Bible science literature... highly recommended" (Dr. C. Baugh, Creation Evidences Museum). "Must reading for parents and grandparents who want to encourage young ones by giving them reasons for their hope in God (1 Peter 1:15)" (G. Parker, Professor of Biology, Clearwater Christian College). Contains many color illustrations and is ideal for classroom use or teaching children at home.
(Hardcover) $29.95-20%=$23.96 (US funds)


Separation and Schism: Distinctions You Need To Know (1999).
Wagner summarizes the old Reformed distinctions between separation and schism as based on "Head 4" of James Renwick's Informatory Vindication
, "Concerning the heavie though false charge, of casting off the Ministry, & Schismatical Separation from the Ministers of the Church of Scotland." Renwick was a Covenanted Scottish Martyr and his teaching mirrored that of Samuel Rutherford -- as is clearly demonstrated in this book.
(Bound photocopy) $9.95-70%=$2.99 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy) $13.00 (US funds)


The Art of Divine Contentment
"I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content" (Phil 4:11). "In this volume we have a full exposition of this verse by the Puritan Thomas Watson originally preached during his ministry as rector of St. Stephen's, Wallbrook, London" (back cover, FPP ed.).
(FPP softcover, 109 pages) $14.95 (US funds)
(SDG Hardcover, 250 pages) $29.96.00 (US funds)


A Disputation on Holy Scripture, Against the Papists, Especially Bellarmine and Stapleton (originally written in 1588; 1610 [Latin], 1849 English edition translated by Fitzgerald).

The apostate (now) Roman Catholic apologist, Scott Hahn, in his book Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey to Catholicism, speaks of the extensive reading of pro- and anti-Romanist literature he had done as he was led down the road to Rome from modern Calvinism. Among other reasons he lists for his declension, one major factor was what he saw to be the lack of cogent reply from modern "Protestants," including Dr. John Gerstner, to the arguments of the Roman Catholic Church. Notwithstanding that their are serious reasons to doubt Hahn's credibility and integrity (for example, he paints out Luther and Calvin to teach only a formal, "courtroom language" view of justification: "Luther and Calvin explained this [justification] exclusively in terms of courtroom language. But I was beginning to see that, far more than simply being a judge, God was our Farther. Far more than simply being criminals, we were runaways. Far more than the New Covenant being made in a courtroom, it was fashioned by God in a family room." -- p. 30; for refutation of this ridiculous, slanderous caricature, see Luther's Small Catechism, question on "Our Father who art in heaven;" Calvin's Institutes, Book III, 20.36ff; Robert Dabney's Systematic Theology, p. 627; Westminster Confession of Faith, chapter 12; etc., etc.), had he read this work by William Whitaker (and it is our prayer that he may still perhaps do so), he would have found more than a lifetime of Romanist readings and reasonings could overcome.

Whitaker's design (prosecuted throughout his lifetime) was to deal systematically with the major points of controversy between the Protestants and the Roman Catholics; his Disputation on Holy Scripture was the first in this series, and the only one translated from Latin into English (of which we are aware). In his dedicatory epistle to William Cecil and his preface to his Cambridge audience, he describes his opponents, especially the Jesuits, and then his confidence in Christ and His truth to overcome them:

    "Amongst these locusts [Rev. 9:3], -- that is, as very learned men justly deem, amongst the innumerable troops of monks -- none, as we before said, have ever appeared, more keen, or better prepared and equipped for doing mischief, than are the Jesuits at this present day; who in a short space have surpassed all other societies of that kind in numbers, in credit, and in audacity. Other monks, following the rule and practice of former times, lived in general a life of leisure and inactivity, and spent their time, not in reading and the study of the sciences, but in repeating by the [hour]glass certain offices for the canonical hours, which contributed nothing to the advancement of either learning or religion. But the Jesuits have pursued a far different course. They have left the shade of ancient sloth and inactivity, in which the other monks had grown grey, and have come forth to engage in toils, to treat of arts and sciences, to undertake and carry through an earnest struggle for the safety of the common interest. It hath come to be understood, that the cause of Rome, which, shaken by the perilous blows dealt on every side by men of ability and learning, had begun in many parts to totter and give way, could never be defended or maintained, except by learned and diligent and active champions.... Among these Jesuits, Robert Bellarmine, a native of Italy, hath now for several years obtained a great and celebrated name.... Now, therefore, Bellarmine is cried up by his party as an invincible champion, as one with whom none of our men would dare to engage, whom nobody can answer, and whom if any one should hope to conquer, they would regard him as an utter madman.

    When you, honoured sir, demanded my opinion of this writer, I answered, as indeed I thought, that I deemed him to be a man unquestionably learned, possessed of a happy genius, a penetrating judgment, and multifarious reading; -- one, moreover, who was wont to deal more plainly and honestly than is the custom of other papists, to press his arguments more home, and to stick more closely to the question....

    [N]ow that Bellarmine hath been published, we shall know better and more certainly what it is they [the Papists] hold upon every subject, the arguments on which they specially rely, and what is (so to speak) the very marrow of popery, which is thought to be as much in the Jesuits as in the pope himself....

    Our arms shall be the sacred scriptures, that sword and shield of the word, that tower of David, upon which a thousand bucklers hang, and all the armour of the mighty, the sling and the pebbles of the brook wherewith David stretched upon the ground that gigantic and haughty Philistine. Human reasonings and testimonies, if one use them too much or out of place, are like the armour of Saul, which was so far from helping David that it rather unfitted him for the conflict.... However, since we have to deal with adversaries who, not content with these arms, use others with more readiness and pleasure, such as the decrees of councils, judgments of the fathers, tradition, and the practice of the church; lest perchance we should appear to shrink from the battle, we have determined to make use of that sort of weapons also. And, indeed, I hope to make it plain to you, that all our tenets are not only founded upon scriptural authority, which is enough to ensure victory, but command the additional suffrage of the testimonies of the fathers, councils, and, I will add, even of many of the papists, which is a distinguished and splendid ornament of our triumph.... Thus it will be clear, that what Jerome, Epist. 139, applies out of Isaiah to the heretics, that 'they weave the spider's thread,' is pertinently applied to the papists. For, as Jerome says, they weave a web 'which can catch small and light animals, as flies and gnats, but is broken by the stronger ones.' Just thus many stick fast in the subtleties of the papists, as flies do in the spider's web, from which they are unable to extricate themselves, though nothing can possibly be frailer than those threads. Such are the reasonings of the papist, even the Jesuits themselves; who, although they seem to spin their threads with greater skill and artfulness, yet fabricate nothing but such cobwebs as may easily be broken by any vigorous effort. Be ye, therefore, of good cheer. We have a cause, believe me, good, firm, invincible. We fight against men, and we have Christ on our side; nor can we possibly be vanquished, unless we are the most slothful and dastardly of all cowards. Once wrest from the papists what they adduce beside the scripture, and you will presently see them wavering, turning pale, and unable to keep their ground."

Bellarmine was regarded by the Romanists as a scholarly and theological Goliath, and as Whitaker notes above, he was indeed a greatly gifted and learned man. It is most noteworthy, then, to read of Bellarmine's description of Whitaker:

"[a man] whom Cardinal Bellarmine is said to have pronounced 'the most learned heretic he had ever read,' and of whom Bishop Hall says, 'Who ever saw him without reverence, or heard him without wonder?...." "'I have,' says the writer of his life, in Lupton's Protestant Divines, 'I have heard it confessed of English Papists themselves, which have been in Italy with Bellarmine himself, that he [Bellarmine] procured the true portraiture and effigies of this Whitaker to be brought to him, which he kept in his study. For he privately admired this man for his singular learning and ingenuity; and being asked of some of his friends, Jesuits, why he would have the picture of that heretic in his presence? He would answer, Quod quamvis haereticus erat et adversarius, erat tamen doctus adversarius: that, 'although he was an heretic, and his adversary, yet he was a learned adversary'" ("Preface of the Editor" in the 1857 edition of Nathanael Culverwell's Of the Light of Nature; and from the editor's preface of Whitaker's work).

In this book we find the following six main chapters: "Of the number of the Canonical Books of Scripture," "Of the Authentic Edition and Versions of the Scriptures," "Of the Authority of Scripture," "Of the Perspicuity of Scripture," "Of the Interpretation of Scripture," "Of the Perfection of Scripture, against Unwritten Traditions," as well as Whitaker's "Preface to the Controversies, Delivered to the Audience at Cambridge."

Whitaker's masterwork, refuting some of the best the Jesuits had to offer (in upholding their Romish heresies attacking the Word of God), may even be more valuable in our day than when it was first written -- as many Protestants are unaware of the historic Protestant position on Scripture (witness the lack of response described by Scott Hahn) , or worse, are already on the way back to Rome (on this and other vital points). Furthermore, Larry Birger comments, "…it's wonderful. He is absolutely thrashing the Papists, tying them in knots with not only the Scriptures, but the writings of the Church fathers (Jerome is devastating on the issue of the Apocrypha) and the Papists themselves (e.g., Cajetan, John Driedo, Melchior Canus, Sixtus Senensis)." This is a first-rate classic on some of the most foundational teaching of the Faith, not to be missed by the serious Christian, the scholar or anyone (including those presently trapped in Mystery Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the Earth [i.e. Roman Catholic Church], Rev. 17:5) seeking ultimate truth. Study for yourself what Hahn missed, as the Christ-empowered Whitaker sinks his stones into Goliath's forehead, and then decapitates him with the sword of truth and the skill of one exceedingly learned in the very areas the Papists rely on the most! 718 pages, indexed; crystal-clear print.

(Bound photocopy) $99.95-50%=$49.98 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy) $69.00 (US funds)


Various Quotes on the Free Offer Rutherford, Durham et al. -- gathered by Larry Birger (.25)

What Will You Leave Your Children? by Greg Barrow (.25)




All Things for Good - Thomas Watson ($9.95-20%=7.96)
Apostasy From the Gospel - John Owen ($11.95-20%=9.56)
The Art of Prophesying - William Perkins ($11.95-20%=9.56)
The Bruised Reed - Richard Sibbes ($9.95-20%=7.96)
Christian's Great Interest - William Guthrie ($11.95-20%=9.56)
Communion With God - John Owen ($11.95-20%=9.56)
Doctrine of Repentance - Thomas Watson ($9.95-20%=7.96)
Glory of Christ - John Owen ($11.95-20%=9.56)
Godly Man's Picture - Thomas Watson ($11.95-20%=9.56)
Heaven on Earth - Thomas Brooks ($15.95-20%=12.76)
Lifting Up for the Downcast - William Bridge ($12.95-20%=10.36)
Mystery of Providence - John Flavel ($11.95-20%=9.56)
Prayer - John Bunyan ($11.95-20%=9.56)
Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices - Thomas Brooks ($12.95-20%=10.36)
Puritan Treasury of Quotations - I.D.E. Thomas ($15.95-20%=12.76)
Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment - J. Burroughs ($15.95-20%=12.76)
Reformed Pastor - Richard Baxter ($11.95-20%=9.56)
Shorter Catechism Explained - Thomas Vincent ($12.95-20%=10.36)
Sinfulness of Sin - Ralph Venning ($12.95-20%=10.36)
Sure Guide to Heaven - Joseph Alleine ($9.95-20%=7.96)
True Bounds of Christian Freedom - Samuel Bolton ($15.95-20%=12.76)


The Covenanted Reformation Defended Against Contemporary Schismatics (1998)

The title continues: "A Response and Antidote Primarily to the Neopresbyterian Malignancy and Misrepresentations, and the Manufactured "Steelite" Controversy, Found in Richard Bacon's A Defense Departed; With a Refutation of Bacon's Independency, Popery, Arminianism, Anabaptism and Various Other Heresies (Including an Exhibition of His Opposition to Scripture and the Covenanted Reformation, in General; and His Opposition to John Calvin, John Knox, the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland [Especially 1638-1649], Samuel Rutherford, George Gillespie, the Testimony of the Covenanter Martyrs, the Reformed Presbytery, the Puritan Reformed Church of Edmonton and a Host of Other Prominent Reformers from Past Generations, in Particular) -- With Copious Notes on Mr. Bacon's Backsliding and His Blackening of the Blue Banner; as Well as Various Replies to Other Modern Malignants."

Though set in the context of a debate with one individual, this book addresses a number of specific problems which plague the Presbyterian and Reformed churches of our day in general. As Reg Barrow notes in the "Publisher's Preface,"

I believe that there is one primary answer to the question of what makes The Covenanted Reformation Defended uniquely useful and it is this: it exposes the many differences between what took place during the two previous great Reformations (of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries) -- which were based upon and agreeable to the glorious covenanted Reformations found in the Old Testament -- and what the bulk of the Presbyterian and Reformed churches (corporately), elders (individually), and church members (individually) mistakenly think took place. It conclusively and irrefutably demonstrates that those churches which today call themselves Presbyterian (and even many which claim a more general Reformed heritage) have grievously departed from the Scriptural standards and principles of these previous Spirit led Reformations. This will become progressively (and painfully) clear as the reader witnesses evidence upon evidence of defection from biblically based Reformation attainments (Phil. 3:16) -- and the burying and/or removing of the ancient Reformation landmarks. Ultimately, when the testimony and evidence is weighed in light of Scriptural verities, it is entirely safe to say that the original Reformers would not only have sought negative ecclesiastical sanctions against our modern pseudo-Reformers, but in many cases negative civil sanctions as well.

Larry Birger, in his introduction, also comments,

(Greg) Barrow provides the bridge back to the teachings of our Reformed forefathers, his work serving as a skillful and much needed "Covenanter Primer." His explanations of key (and ill-understood, in our day) doctrines of the Reformation are the clearest I've ever read (this is especially true in regard to his treatment of the visible church and separation, the Lord's Supper and covenanting--RB). His numerous citations of non-Covenanter writers demonstrate that these doctrines are not at all peculiar to Covenanters, and indeed, that they are foundational to Protestantism. That these doctrines are not understood by the pastors and people of our day is a heartbreaking commentary on how far we "Protestants" have fallen from the Protestant Reformation.

In short, if you want a book which will help you to understand the Reformation view of numerous important, foundational Scriptural doctrines and their application to the present day; written in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand format; uncovering many rare Reformation source documents (from the Westminster Assembly's advice to the English Parliament on the Lord's Supper to the official records of Calvin's Covenanting in Geneva), this is an unsurpassed work that should not be missed. 318 pages, 8.5" X 11". (This book is also offered free in etext on SWRB's web page at:


(Bound photocopy) $29.95-50%=14.98 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy) $25.00 (US funds)


Distinctive Principles of the Covenanters (1892)
Covers five major topics: "The Church Christ's Witness;" "The True Church: Our Terms of Communion;" "The Book of Psalms, The Church's Manual of Praise;" "Our Political Dissent, or Why Covenanters Deny Themselves Political Privileges;" "The State and Secret Societies." Each of these sections are broken down into numerous easy reading subsection, making this an interesting and very useful introduction to the distinctive principles that grew out of the second or covenanted Reformation. 56 pages.
(Bound photocopy) $9.95-70%=2.99 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy) $14.00 (US funds)


I John 4:7 (#18) Worldwide Calvinistic Unity and Loving One Another (1997)
An amazing sermon which exposes all unity which is not based on truth (e.g. in groups like Promise Keepers) as necessarily based on lies -- and as treason against King Jesus! Defends the Reformation view of visible and covenanted unity and uniformity from Scripture, and from pertinent quotes from Calvin (during first Reformation), Henderson (the second Reformation architect of the Solemn League and Covenant), and others. Exhibits how Reformed teaching has always viewed the real schismatics (whether in the majority or minority) as those who press "independent denominationalism" and as those who tolerate a sinful multiformity -- against the national establishment of the one true Reformed religion. Calvin and the Geneva Presbytery of his day even counseled excommunication and exile for those that would not swear to their "covenanted uniformity" in upholding the Geneva Confession of 1536
(cf. Calvin, Covenanting and Close Communion by Reg Barrow). Moreover, Price shows how our scandalous modern multiformists (which includes the leaders of most so-called "conservative Presbyterian" denominations today) teach and act in direct opposition to Christ's high priestly prayer in John 17, as well as the high standard of visible unity that will one day be attained worldwide (as seen in the prophetic words found in Zechariah 14:9: "And the LORD shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one LORD, and his name one"). Furthermore, the portion of this sermon dealing with loving the brethren is one of the most convicting practical sections of a contemporary sermon that we have ever heard. Such preaching is extremely humbling, calculated to exalt Christ and His truth, and to drive sinful human beings to the throne of grace -- seeking everlasting mercy and forgiveness in the only place that it can truly be found. In short, Price calls us back to our first love (individually) and to the biblical attainments of our covenanted forefathers (corporately). It is unlikely that you will find modern preaching much better than this.
(Cassette) $3.98 (US funds)
(Video) $11.99 (US funds)


The Contending Witness, The Reformation Advocate and The Original Covenanter magazines
The following list of magazines, edited by David Steele, comprise what is likely the best compilation of Christian periodicals ever amassed under one set of bindings. Nothing we know of (before or since), authored as magazine articles related to full-orbed nation shaking biblical Reformation, even comes close to the consistent quality of writing found in these short works on various subjects. Steele himself should probably be considered the best theologian of the nineteenth century, and the other contributors to these magazines were all approaching the same class. A healthy portion of Steele's writing is found in these magazines, as he only wrote a few other books, so the reader is encouraged to sample for himself some of the best writing (defending the Covenanted Reformation) you will find anywhere!

The Contending Witness magazine (Vol. 1:1-2:6, Apr. 1841 to Feb. 1843, 288 pages)

(Bound photocopy) $49.95-80%=9.99 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy) $19.00 (US funds)

The Reformation Advocate magazine (Vol. 1:1-1:12, March 1874 to Dec. 1876, 384 pages)

(Bound photocopy) $49.95-80%=9.99 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy) $19.00 (US funds)

The Original Covenanter magazine (Vol. 2:1-2:16, July 1877 to Dec. 1880, 512 pages)

(Bound photocopy) $69.95-80%=13.99 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy) $23.00 (US funds)

The Original Covenanter magazine (Vol. 3:1-3:16, March 1881 to Dec. 1884, 516 pages)

(Bound photocopy) $69.95-80%=13.99 (US funds)
(Hardcover photocopy) $23.00 (US funds)


Notes on the Apocalypse (1870)
In 1779, in their Testimony and Warning Against the Blasphemies and Idolatry of Popery
, the Reformed Presbytery called Durham's commentary on Revelation, "the best exposition of that book that has yet been published" (p. 61n). Had they had the privilege of reading Steele's Notes on the Apocalypse we are quite certain that they would have given it a similar endorsement. Though written in a different style than Durham's work, Steele's notes on Revelation may be even more valuable in many respects -- Steele having taken a more decided position "in the wilderness." Steele also had the benefit of many more resources, having written over two centuries later. Steele's aim in writing this book is made clear in his own words taken from the preface,

As this work is intended for the instruction and edification of the unlearned, rather than for the entertainment of the learned, words of foreign extract are used as seldom as possible. Practical remarks and reflections are rarely introduced; the principal aim being simply to ascertain and present to the reader the mind of the Holy Spirit. How far this object has been accomplished, is of course left to the judgment of the honest inquirer. The reader, however, in forming his judgment of the value of these Notes, may be reminded of that inspired rule in searching the Scriptures,--"Comparing spiritual things with spiritual." To assist him in the application of this divine rule, many chapters and verses are quoted from other parts of the Bible, but especially within the Apocalypse itself; that by concentrating the various rays upon particular texts or symbols, their intrinsic light may be rendered more luminous. Thus the interpretation given, if correct, may be confirmed and illustrated.

Appendices include a section on, The New Jerusalem, The Antichrist, The Image of the Beast, The Beast's "deadly wound," The Little Book, The Death of the Witnesses, The Mark of the Beast, The First Resurrection, The Identity of the Two Witnesses, Sounding of the Seventh Trumpet and The Title of this Book (i.e. the Book of Revelation--RB). This work also includes various "animadversions on the interpretations (of Revelation--RB) of several among the most learned and approved expositors of Britain and America." Comments on this work include the four given below, all which were given without the solicitation or knowledge of the author. The Evangelical Repository notes, "the author adduces a greater number of Scriptural illustrations than any other writer on prophecy we ever met with." Hutcheson writes, "I can recommend it to any person as condensing the best thoughts to be had on the subject." Brooks says, "I have derived more knowledge of the Apocalypse from this work than from all other expositions which I have consulted." And finally, John Cunningham comments, "It is neither a dictionary nor concordance; neither a confession of faith, nor an encyclopedia, but a thesaurus of Theology, embodying the characters of all these." Steele dedicated this work to John Cunningham, author of The Ordinance of Covenanting. 323 pages.
(Bound photocopy) $49.95-70%=14.99 (US funds)

(Hardcover photocopy) $24.00 (US funds)

  ********************* *********************


  Acceptable Prayer and the Grace of Faith (2 cassettes), William Guthrie, $7.96 All Things For Good (2 cassettes), Thomas Manton, $7.96 Angels and Offenders, Richard Cameron, $3.98 Calvinistic Covenanter at Perfect Peace, Richard Cameron, $3.98 Covenanting and God's Blessing and Wrath, John Guthrie, $3.98 Cutting Off Your Personal Idols, Michael Bruce, $3.98 David's Covenanting: Our Duty Also (2 cassettes), Thomas Manton, $7.96 Defense of Calvinism, C.H. Spurgeon, $3.98 Defense of Close Communion, McKnight, $3.98 Duties of Parents (J.C. Ryle), Teaching Children (Spurgeon), $3.98 Election, C.H. Spurgeon, $3.98 Encouragement to Embrace Christ, Hugh Binning, $3.98 Family Worship, Merle D'Aubigne, $3.98 The Fellowship of Christ's Sufferings, Alexander Peden, $3.98 The Forlorn Son: The Father's Expressed Welcome, Samuel Rutherford, $3.98 The Forlorn Son: The Father's Welcome, Samuel Rutherford, $3.98 The Forlorn Son: The Grounds Why He Came Home and His Prayer, Samuel Rutherford, $3.98 The Forlorn Son: He Was Lost and Is Found, Samuel Rutherford, $3.98 The Forlorn Son -- Introduction, Samuel Rutherford, $3.98 The Forlorn Son Seeks Away From His Father, Samuel Rutherford, $3.98 Free Will a Slave, C.H. Spurgeon, $3.98 God's Defends His Covenanted Remnant, Richard Cameron, $3.98 God's Mysterious Providence (2 cassettes), Michael Bruce, $7.96 Heartwork, Assurance and National Judgment, John Welwood, $3.98 Instrumental Music in the Public Worship of the Church, John Girardeau (5  cassettes), $9.95 Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice, Alexander Henderson, $3.98 Pilgrim's Progress, The (8 cassettes), John Bunyan, $19.99 Preparing for Covenant Renewal, Alexander Henderson, $3.98 Reformation's Refining Fire, George Gillespie, $3.98 Reformation, Revolution and Romanism, John Knox (2 cassettes), $7.96 Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, Jonathan Edwards, $3.98 Sanctification, Perfection and Scripture, Thomas Manton, $3.98 Westminster Confession of Faith, Westminster Divines, $2.98 Westminster Larger Catechism (2 cassettes), Westminster Divines, $5.96 Westminster Shorter Catechism, Westminster Divines, $2.98 Wise Use of Time, Donald Cargill, $3.98 Wholesome Severity Reconciled With Christian Liberty, George Gillespie (2  cassettes), $7.96  END BOOKS READ ON CASSETTE  ******************** ********************


"Hexapla," of course, means "six-fold" or "six-columned" As the section of this book explaining the "Plan of the English Hexapla" notes, "the term 'Hexapla' was originally applied to the work executed by Origen in the 3rd century; in which the first column contained the Hebrew Text of the Old Testament; the second, the Hebrew text in Greek letters; the third, Aquila's Greek version; the fourth, the translation of Symmachus; the fifth, the LXX version (i.e. the Septuagint--RB); the sixth, Theodotion's version." The English Hexapla offered here contains the six English translations noted in the title, arranged side by side for easy comparison and reference. Dates for each version used are as follows: Wiclif (1380), Tyndal (1534), Cranmer (1539), Geneva (1557), Rheims (1582), King James Version (1611). Of special interest may be the Geneva 1557 version (from a copy of the first edition), as both Geneva Bibles presently in print contain later versions (1599 and 1602) of this text. It should also be noted that the notes to the Geneva Bible are not included in the English Hexapla, just the text. The 1611 edition of the KJV will also be of value to those who would like to compare it with the more modern version of this translation. "The notation of the verses has been inserted in all the translations, for convenience of reference... In illustration of the utility of the comparison of the various translations, much that is interesting might be advanced, but which the use of the volume will at once afford. The varied, although ordinarily equivalent manner in which the different translators render the same phrase, often throws much light upon the exact meaning; and when the versions vary in sense, the enquiry suggested with reference to the Original cannot fail to afford profit while it interests" ("Plan of the English Hexapla," pp. 161-162). Additionally this English Hexapla also includes "The original Greek text after Scholz with the various readings of the Textus Receptus and the principal Constantinopolitan and Alexanderine manuscripts, and a complete collation of Scholz's text with Griesbach's edition of 1805... The Greek text has been placed in the upper part of each page, for the purpose of facilitating the comparison of the versions with the Original, so desirable when they vary in rendering any passage." This is all preceeded by a detailed and annotated 160 page historical account of the English translations.
(Bound photocopy) $499.95-80%=99.99 (US funds)

(Hardcover photocopy) $149.00 (US funds)

  ******************* *******************


  (A-Z by title, # of cassettes in series, cost)  The Complete I John Series, 27 cassettes, $69.95 (save $10.51 by purchasing the whole series at once). 1 John #1 (Religious Experience Versus Biblical Reality), 1, 2.98 1 John #2 (Truth, Holiness and Fellowship with God), 1, 2.98 1 John #3 (Freedom from the Guilt of Sin), 1, 2.98 1 John #4 (Sin and Its Remedy: Particular Redemption), 1, 2.98 1 John #5 (How Do I Know That I know Christ), 1, 2.98 1 John #6 (Apostolic Tests for Assurance), 1, 2.98 1 John #7 (Assurance Attained by Avoiding Worldliness), 1, 2.98 1 John #8 ( Doctrine Essential to Assurance), 1, 2.98 1 John #9 (The Second Coming of Christ as Righteous Motivation), 1, 2.98 1 John #10 (Joyful Obedience Versus Legalism), 1, 2.98 1 John #11 (To Love Christ is to Love God's Law), 1, 2.98 1 John #12 (The Law of Love and Toleration), 1, 2.98 1 John #13 (Conscience, Pretended Liberty, Assurance) 1/2, 2, 2.98 1 John #14 (Conscience, Pretended Liberty, Assurance) 2/2, 1, 2.98 1 John #15 (Testing Teachers, Separation, & the Love of Truth) 1/3, 1, 2.98 1 John #16 (Testing Teachers, Separation, & the Love of Truth) 2/3, 1, 2.98 1 John #17 (Testing Teachers, Separation, & the Love of Truth) 3/3, 1, 2.98 1 John #18 (Worldwide Calvinistic Unity and Loving One Another), 1, 2.98 I John #19 (Loving God), 1, 2.98 I John #20 (Enjoying Communion With Christ), 1, 2.98 I John #21 (Perfect Love Casts Out Fear), 1, 2.98 I John #22 (Overcoming Faith), 1, 2.98 I John #23 (Who is Jesus Christ?), 1, 2.98 I John #24 (Assurance: How To Be Certain of Your Salvation), 1, 2.98 I John #25 (Delighting in the Lord, Daily Secret Worship and Prayer), 1, 2.98 I John #26 (What Is the Sin Unto Death?), 1, 2.98 I John #27 (Keep Yourselves From Idols), 1, 2.98  Apostasy in Popular "Christianity", 1, 2.98 The Auchensaugh Renovation, 2, 5.96 Biblical Church Membership, 1, 2.98 Blasting the Devil's Lies About Sex and Marriage, 1, 2.98 Blessing of Hunger and Thirst, The, 1, 2.98 Blessing of Persecution and Rejoicing in Suffering, The, 1, 2.98 Characteristics of Christians, 1, 2.98 Christ and Covenant Children, 1, 2.98 Christ the Faithful Remnant's Sanctuary, 2.98 Christian Liberty and Liberty of Conscience, 3, 8.94 Christian Love is Intolerant, 1, 2.98 Christ's Resurrection Power, 1, 2.98 Church, The: Why It's Weak & How to Strengthen It, 1, 2.98 Coping With Change, 1, 2.98 Courage, Martyrdom and the Triumph of Truth, 1, 2.98 The Covenantal Love of Christ, 1, 2.98 Covenanted Motherhood, 1, 2.98 Covenanting and Terms of Communion, 1, 2.98 Dating or Courtship: Which is Biblical?, 2, 5.96 Deacons: A Christian Paradigm for Power, 1, 2.98 Discriminating Love and Redemption Accomplished, 1, 2.98 Election, 2, 5.96 Encouragement for Faithful Elders, 1, 2.98 Encouragement for the Discouraged, 1, 2.98 Enemies to Faithfulness, 1, 2.98 Evangelism the Reformed Way, 2, 5.96 Exclusive Psalmody Series (Individual titles Below), 7, 20.86 Exclusive Psalmody (1/7) Inspired Song Vs Uninspired Song, 1, 2.98 Exclusive Psalmody (2/7) God's Covenant Songs in Worship, 1, 2.98 Exclusive Psalmody (3/7) The Sufficiency of the Psalter, 1, 2.98 Exclusive Psalmody (4/7) Exclusive Psalmody & the Regulative Principle, 1,  2.98 Exclusive Psalmody (5/7) Exclusive Psalmody in Church History, 1, 2.98 Exclusive Psalmody (6/7) Exclusive Psalmody & the Westminster  Standards, 1, 2.98 Exclusive Psalmody (7/7) Objections to Exclusive Psalmody Answered, 1,  2.98 Extent of God's Law, Antichrist, Beastly Civil Governments, the Family,  Christian, 1, 2.98 Family Worship, 2, 5.96 Fanning the Flame of Your First Love, 1, 2.98 Fasting, Prayer and the Third Reformation, 1, 2.98 Finding True Joy, 1, 2.98 First Commandment & the Object of Worship, 1, 2.98 Forgive Us Our Debts, 1, 2.98 Foundations for Knowing Christ, 1, 2.98 Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread, 1, 2.98 God's Absolute Sovereignty, 1, 2.98 God's Love, 1, 2.98 God's Purpose in Suffering, 1, 2.98 Gospel in Philemon, 1, 2.98 Heart Purity and Seeing God, 1, 2.98 Heart Religion: Biblical Mercy, 1, 2.98 Heart Religion: The Peril of Lukewarmness, 1, 2.98 History of the Westminster Assembly, 1, 2.98 Holy Spirit & the Will of God, The, 1, 2.98 Holiness Unto the Lord, 1, 2.98 How to Be Right With God (Justification by Faith Alone), 1, 2.98 Humor, Mourning and the Effects of Sin, 1, 2.98 Husbands and Biblical Leadership, 2, 5.96 Iconoclasm Leads to Victory, 1, 2.98 Images and Idolatry, 1, 2.98 Importance of Godly Leaders, 1, 2.98 Importance of Prayer, The, 1, 2.98 Imprecatory Prayer, 1, 2.98 Infant Baptism as Covenant Keeping, 1, 2.98 Instrumental Music in Public Worship, 2, 5.96 Jesus Hates False Teaching and Unholy Alliances, 1, 2.98 Judicial Blindness in the Modern Church, 1, 2.98 Legalism and Licentiousness Exposed and Refuted, 1, 2.98 Love of Christ Restoring Fallen Christians, The, 1, 2.98 Loving the Brethren and Christian Liberty, 1, 2.98 Marks of a Faithful Ministry, 1, 2.98 Masculinity, 4, 11.92 Meekness, 1, 2.98 Micah 1:1-7 (#1) Corrupt Worship & God's Anger With the Church & the Nations (1998), 1, 2.98 Motives for Pure Worship, 2, 5.96 The Narrow Reformation Way, 1, 2.98 Nation Shaking Reformation Promoted, 1, 2.98 National Covenant of Scotland, The, 2, 5.96 Objections to Covenanting Answered, 1, 2.98 Only True Unity, The, 1, 2.98 Our Father Which Art in Heaven, 1, 2.98 Peace and Freedom From Guilt, 1, 2.98 Peacemakers at War With Sin, 1, 2.98 Perseverance of the Saints, 1, 2.98 Pictures of Christ and Idolatry, 1, 2.98 Power of the Confessing Church, 1, 2.98 Presbyterianism and the Preservation of the Church, 1, 2.98 Principles for Covenantal Interpretation of Scripture, 1, 2.98 Protecting and Preserving the Truth, 1, 2.98 Rebuking the Synagogue of Satan, 1, 2.98 Reformation Politics Versus the Beast, 1, 2.98 Reformed Confessions, Heresy, Schism and the Faithful Remnant, 1, 2.98 Regulative Principle of Worship, The, 2, 5.96 Remember the Sabbath Day to Keep It Holy (Individual Titles Below), 5,  14.90 Remember the Sabbath Day: Why Keep the Sabbath? (1/5), 1, 2.98 Remember the Sabbath Day: Is Sabbath Keeping for the Jews Alone? (2/5),  1, 2.98 Remember the Sabbath Day: Sabbath Keeping & Building the Kingdom of  God, (3/5), 1, 2.98 Remember the Sabbath Day: There is Left a Rest For the People of God  (4/5) , 1, 2.98 Remember the Sabbath Day: Lordship, Sabbath Keeping, Holy Days &  Christmass (5/5), 1, 2.98 Repentance, Rejoicing and Reformation, 1, 2.98 Revival of Family Religion, The, 1, 2.98 Role of Women in the Church, The, 2, 5.96 Seeking the Lost: Biblical Tactics of Evangelism, 1, 2.98 Solemn League and Covenant, The, 1, 2.98 Sovereign Grace Salvation, 1, 2.98 Stewardship, Wisdom and Covenant Keeping, 1, 2.98 Suffering: The Biblical Gift, 1, 2.98 Sufficiency of Scripture, 1, 2.98 Terms of Communion Series (Individual sets sold below), 19, 39.95 Terms of Communion: The Word of God, 2, 5.96 Terms of Communion: The Westminster Standards, 5, 14.90 Terms of Communion: Presbyterian Worship and Government, 2, 5.96 Terms of Communion: Covenants and Covenanting, 7, 20.86 Terms of Communion: The Martyrs and Historic Testimony, 2, 5.96 Terms of Communion: The Practice of Truth, 1, 2.98 Thankfulness, Obedience and Healing, 1, 2.98 Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness, 1, 2.98 Thy Will Be Done, 1, 2.98 Weak and Strong Christians Contrasted, 1, 2.98 What is Biblical Faith?, 1, 2.98 What is True Faith, 1, 2.98 Why Creeds are a Biblical Necessity, 1, 2.98 Why Do Heresies Arise in the Church?, 1, 2.98 Wives and Biblical Submission, 1, 2.98 You Saw No Form, 1, 2.98  END GREG PRICE CASSETTES  ******************* *******************

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