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"I am so Illuminated by what you have sent that I just feel like I must have the other 30 (Reformation) CD set. You gave me the 32 (Puritan) CDs at a discount that is just not heard of thanks for you kindness. These Puritan resources are the greatest I've ever seen. These eyes have never seen anything greater than what you have produced except that old King James Bible. I am sure that it will help me and others grow in the Lord and I can use it in my Home School for my children. Thank you for your kindness through the years." (Email from a Customer in Georgia, USA).

Many more comments (by Banner of Truth magazine, Calvin Beisner [Professor of Historical Theology and Social Ethics Knox Theological Seminary], Dr. E.P. Elliott [Christian Observer magazine], et al.) on both the new Reformation Bookshelf CD set of 30 CDs and the Puritan Bookshelf CD set of 32 CDs can be found at the end of the page at: http://www.swrb.com/Puritan/reformation-bookshelf-CDs.htm.

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