George Gillespie (Covenanter and Westminster Divine)

"'None,' says one of his colleagues, Robert Baillie, 'in all the (Westminster) Assembly did reason more, nor more pertinently than George Gillespie: he is an excellent youth; my heart blesses God in his behalf.'" - John Howie, Biographia Scoticana: or, A Brief Historical Account of the Lives, Characters, and Memorable Transactions of the Most Eminent Scots Worthies (Second edition, corrected and enlarged, 1781)


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The Works of George Gillespie (2 Volume Set)

A Dispute Against the English Popish Ceremonies Obtruded on the Church of Scotland (1637, reprinted from the 1660 edition) by George Gillespie

Reformation's Refining Fire; or, Iconoclastic Zeal Necessary to World Reformation, A (Puritan Fast) Sermon by George Gillespie, August 27, 1645

A Puritan Fast Sermon by George Gillespie, March 27, 1644

An Assertion of the Government of the Church of Scotland in the Points of Ruling Elders, and of the Authority of Presbyteries and Synods (1846, reprinted from the 1641 edition) by George Gillespie

The Duty and Perpetual Obligation of Social Covenanting by George Gillespie, Samuel Rutherford, Greg Price, et. al

Church and State: The Biblical View, A Compilation Of Articles From Some Of The Best Christian Minds In History, Including Cunningham, Smeaton, M'Crie, Symington, Gillespie, The Westminster Divines, Bannerman, Owen, And Shaw


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George Gillespie (Covenanter and Westminster Divine)



George Gillespie, Reformation's Refining Fire

Whether it be lawful, just, and expedient, that the taking of the Solemn League and Covenant be enjoined by the Parliament upon all persons in the kingdom under a considerable penalty by George Gillespie (CHAPTER XVI. of "A Treatise of Miscellany Questions," pp. 85-88 from The Works of George Gillespie volume 2, Still Waters Revival Books reprint. Includes "Nine particulars to be remembered for the right deducing and stating the matter of fact. - The grounds and reasons of such an ordinance and appointment may be eleven.. - Four objections answered. - How this ordinance would not be tyranny over men's consciences. - The covenant is no temporary obligation.. - If such an ordinance to the army be scandalum acceptum, then the not making of it is scandalum datum.)

Of Uniformity In Religion, Worship of God, and Church Government by George Gillespie

Forbidden Alliances by George Gillespie (Gillespie was one of the foremost Westminster divines.)

Truth and Heresy by George Gillespie

George Gillespie Refutes Roger Williams, the Donatists and Sectarianism by George Gillespie (1644)

Wholesome Severity Reconciled With Christian Liberty, or, The True Resolution of a Present Controversy Concerning Liberty of Conscience (1644) by George Gillespie (offsite)
Free etext at

George Gillespie (1613-1648) He was one of the greatest and most influential Scottish Presbyterians to ever live - though his life was exceedingly short. Biographical Sketch (written by Alexander Whyte)


George Gillespie at A Puritan Mind:


Whether Any Other But A Minister, Lawfully Called And Ordained, May Administer The Sacraments, Baptism And The Lord's Supper.
by George Gillespie


The Solemn League and Covenant
by George Gillespie


Who are Not True Christians?
by George Gillespie


Forbidden Alliances
by George Gillespie


Uniformity of Religion
by George Gillespie


Infant Baptism
by George Gillespie


Resting On Christ
by George Gillespie


by George Gillespie


Truth and Heresy
by George Gillespie


Skepticism and Wavering
by George Gillespie


Christian Liberty
by George Gillespie


Memoir of George Gillespie


True Ministers
by George Gillespie


Electing Pastors
by George Gillespie


Ordination of Ministers
by George Gillespie


·  Miscellany Questions. By George Gillespie


Chapter 01: The Ministry a Perpetual Ordinance of Christ
Chapter 02: Of the Election of Pastors with the Congregation's Consent
Chapter 03: Whether Ordination be essential to the calling of a Minister
Chapter 04: Objections against the necessity of Ordination answered
Chapter 09: Of Heretics, Heresies, & Schisms
Chapter 10: Of New Lights
Chapter 11: Of Stability and Firmness in the Truth
Chapter 12: Unsound Heads Prove Unsound Hearts
Chapter 14: Of Unlawful Associations
Chapter 17: Of Infant Baptism
Chapter 21: Of Assurance of an Interest in Christ
Chapter 22: Warrants to Rest and Rely upon Christ for Salvation


·  An Assertion of the Government of the Church of Scotland. By George Gillespie


The Testimony of a Dying Minister of Jesus Christ Against Unlawful Associations. By George Gillespie


Wholesome Severity Reconciled With Christian Liberty, or, The True Resolution of a Present Controversy Concerning Liberty of Conscience (1644)

One of our most rare and valuable resources. A masterpiece!

Wholesome Severity was written during the sitting of the Westminster Assembly and demonstrates why Gillespie is considered one of the most influential Divines of the seventeenth century. Here we have the question stated (regarding liberty of conscience), the middle (or biblical) way between Popish tyranny and Schismatizing liberty approved, and also confirmed from Scripture, with the testimonies of Divines, yea of whole churches added to vindicate Christ's kingship (over the idolatry of the rule of an ill-informed, sinful conscience sitting in judgement upon the truth of the Word of God).

The chief arguments of exception used in Roger Williams' The Bloudy Tenet, The Compassionate Samaritane, M.S. to A.S. etc. are examined herein. Gillespie also deals with many of the thorny questions related to the abiding validity of the Old Testament judicial laws. Eight distinctions are added for qualifying and clearing the whole matter.

In conclusion, a moving brotherly appeal is addressed to the five Apologists (Independents at the Assembly) for choosing accommodation rather then toleration. This is classic Scottish (covenanted) Presbyterianism at its best, a work that can be read over and over with increasing profit! This exceedingly rare essay is not found in Gillespie's Works or The Presbyterian Armoury, however it is now available (as professional read) on two cassettes for $7.96.

(Rare Bound Photocopy) $49.95-85%=$7.49 (US funds)
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(Two Cassettes) $7.96 (US funds)

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Also free on the web at or at (by George Gillespie,1644)

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The Works of George Gillespie (2 vol.)
Gillespie was one of the Scottish commissioners to the Westminster Assembly. One of the great theologians of all time ó almost singlehandedly steering this august Assembly at certain points. As Hetherington notes, "in all those debates no person took a more active part, or gained more distinction than George Gillespie," though he was the youngest man there. Furthermore, Hetherington calls him a "genius of the highest order," and writes that his work "dazzled and astonished his countrymen." He "held an undisputed position among the foremost of the distinguished men by whose talents and energy the Church of Scotland was delivered from the prelatic despotism" of that day. This rare work contains Gillespie's per-sonal notes during the Westminster Assembly and A Dispute Against English Popish Ceremonies. A Dispute Against English Popish Ceremonies is a rare classic on Reformed worship, taking on all the arguments related to the use of man-made ceremonies in worship. Burned by the Prelates (Episcopalians) just after it first appeared in 1637, this masterful defense of the regulative principle has yet to be answered (by those that oppose God's sovereignty in worship). It ably, and in a detailed manner, refutes the old errors of Prelacy and Romanism -- many of which are being resurrected in our day by writers like James Jordan (and others abandoning historic Presbyterian [i.e. Biblical] worship). Gillespie's practical "Treatise of Miscellany Questions," contains 22 chapters. Topics dealt with range from: whether prophets and prophesying continued beyond the primitive church; whether a sound heart and an unsound head can consist together; what are heresies and what is their purpose; are infants to be baptized; should the civil government attach a negative sanction to not swearing to the Solemn League and Covenant (against one aspect of Theonomy); etc. These Works also contains a memoir of Gillespie's life and writings, written by Hetherington, Gillespie's sermons before the house of commons, and much more!
(Rare Bound Photocopies, 2 volumes) $99.95-65%=34.98
(Hardcover photocopies, 2 volumes) $65.00 (US funds)


Wholesome Severity Reconciled With Christian Liberty (1645)
Gillespie was a major force at the Westminster Assembly. This rare item gives great insight into the original intent of the framers of the Westminster documents concerning matters of conscience, liberty, law, and government. Read on cassette for the first time ever! This item is also available in printed format as a bound photocopy. (2 cassettes) $7.96

Wholesome Severity Reconciled With Christian Liberty (1645) by George Gillespie (Free MP3s)

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