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By Kevin Reed (Presbyterian Heritage Publications)



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FREE RESOURCES (Calvinistic and Presbyterian Books, MP3s, CDs, Debates and Articles)

By Kevin Reed (Presbyterian Heritage Publications)

The contents of the Presbyterian Heritage Publications CD
(available from Still Waters Revival Books for $98.98 US funds, plus P&H), which contains Kevin Reeds writings (and much by Knox, Calvin, et al.) can be viewed at:

Biblical Worship by Kevin Reed (Written with a clear view of upholding the biblical tradition of Reformation worship -- with the life and death struggle that was a backdrop to the Reformers war against the idols clearly in mind. Touches on a number of controversial issues that have arisen as human innovations in worship have become commonplace in contemporary church life -- even among those that still fancy being known as Reformed.)

Presbyterian Worship: Old and New by Kevin Reed (A Review and Commentary upon Worship in Spirit and Truth, a book by John Frame [Phillipsburg, N.J.: Presbyterian and Reformed Pub. Co.,1996; paper, 171 pages]. Reed shows how Frame has abandoned the Reformation, both scripturally and confessionally, in regard to worship. He also gives an excellent summary of historic Reformed views and then contrasts them with the novel ideas now being touted by Frame. In light of the fact that Frame teaches at a Presbyterian seminary and is also a Presbyterian pastor (in the P.C.A.), Reed notes the "distressing implications regarding the disingenuous nature of confessional subscription within both the churches and the seminaries." Moreover, Reed comments that "there are also troubling ramifications concerning the doctrine of scripture, since the regulative principle rests upon the foundation of the sufficiency of scripture, with respect to worship." He continues by concluding that "Frame's book furnishes patent evidence that ecclesiastical discipline is lacking in the churches, and that seminary professors can teach heterodox views with impunity. If Presbyterians took their creed seriously, Mr. Frame would be removed from both the seminary and the pastorate, and not allowed to teach. But in the current situation, the majority of pastors, seminarians, and the people are partners in the crimes of corrupt worship and confessional laxity. 'A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land; the prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so.'")

The Canterbury Tales by Kevin Reed
(Refutes James Jordan and others who reject the regulative principle of worship.)

The Decline of American Presbyterianism (A Book Review of Gary North's Crossed Fingers: How the Liberals Captured the Presbyterian Church) by Kevin Reed ("Last year, the present writer reviewed volume 1 of David Calhoun's history of Princeton Seminary. The first volume of Calhoun's narrative ended at a pivotal point in the history of Northern Presbyterianism: the reunion of the Old School and New School Assemblies in 1869. Realizing that a significant part of Princeton's story (as well as the story of the Northern Presbyterianism) was yet to be told, I eagerly took up volume two of Calhoun's narrative, shortly after the book was published. Unfortunately, the second volume, The Majestic Testimony, is a major disappointment. Readers who want to know what happened after 1869, in order to gain an understanding of the demise of Princeton (and Northern Presbyterianism) will require additional sources beyond Calhoun's second volume. Therefore, we are presenting readers with a combined book review, in which we will also draw attention to another important work, Gary North's Crossed Fingers: How the Liberals Captured the Presbyterian Church," notes Reed.)

Of Exegesis and Eccentricity (A Book Review of James Jordan's The Law of the Covenant) by Kevin Reed

Presbyterian Government in Extraordinary Times by Kevin Reed

Credenda Agenda's review & Kevin Reed's reply regarding the book Making Shipwreck of the Faith: Evangelicals and Roman Catholics Together by Kevin Reed

Making Shipwreck of the Faith: Evangelicals and Roman Catholics Together by Kevin Reed

Introductory Essay to John Knox's True and False Worship by Kevin Reed

Charles Phinney Critiques the Apostle Paul by Kevin Reed (Shows to what extent much of modern "evangelicalism" has adopted worldly tactics of evangelism, church planting and church growth -- in opposition to the biblical methods practiced by the Apostle Paul.)

Christmas: A Biblical Critique by Kevin Reed, M. Schneider & D.W. Cason (Three excellent articles: 1.) "Is Christmas Christian?" by Michael Schneider; 2.) "Christmas: An Historical Survey Regarding Its Origins and Opposition to It of Creeds and Confessions" by Kevin Reed; 3.) "Christmas-Keeping and the Reformed Faith: A Response to Professor David Engelsma" by David W. Cason.)

Biblical Church Government by Kevin Reed (Covers the basic principles of Presbyterian church government: (1.) scriptural church officers, (2.) church courts, (3.) confessional standards, and (4.) church membership. Second (expanded) edition. "This is the best short statement [of Presbyterian principles of church government] we have ever seen," noted the Banner of Truth magazine.)

The Present Evangelical Crisis: A Book Review With Commentary by Kevin Reed

On the Monstrous Government of Women by Kevin Reed

The Antinomian Streak in the Reconstructionist Movement by Kevin Reed

Religious Dissemblers and Theological Liars by Kevin Reed (A book review of Ways of Lying: Dissimulation, Persecution, and Conformity in Early Modern Europe by Perez Zagorin. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1990. Hardcover, 337 pages. This book includes "four chapters devoted to the Nicodemite controversy, with considerable attention given to Calvin's role in opposing the 'Nicodemites.' Zagorin surveys Calvin's 'Anti-Nicodemite' writings, and provides a useful synopsis of the various arguments of the reformer," writes Reed. Reed's conclusions are also very helpful, as he surveys a number of areas related to dissimulation among modern Reformed and "evangelical" Christians -- and how the contemporary rationale for this dissimulation parallels the older arguments covered by Zagorin.)

A Testimony Against the Prominent Errors of Our Times Adullam Presbyterian Church

A Letter of Clarification, 27 October 1997 by Kevin Reed (Another response to the misrepresentations [this time regarding Kevin Reed's "Testimony Against Prominent Errors"] promoted by Richard Bacon and the those who follow him.)

A Brief Narrative Respecting My Conflicts with FPCR by Kevin Reed (Dated January, 1998, Reed notes, "It is with sadness that I set down the following account. I did not wish to write it. Even after the passage of many years, the fresh recollection of the events described in this narrative evokes grief. I take no pleasure in the ongoing controversy. Nevertheless, recent attacks, issued by persons at First Presbyterian Church of Rowlett [FPCR] (on their church web site) have made this response necessary.")

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LIBRARY OF PRESBYTERIAN HERITAGE PUBLICATIONS and PROTESTANT HERITAGE PRESS ALL ON ONE CD, including some of Calvin's never before translated anti-Nicodemite writings in Come Out From Among Them, The Anti-Nicodemite Writings of John Calvin and other important and previously unreleased titles -- as compiled and/or written by Kevin Reed

Over the years, PHP titles have provided readers with solid literature from an historic Protestant and Presbyterian perspective. With the passage of time, many of the older titles have gone out of print. Moreover, the publisher has several new volumes ready for press. At PHP, we do not have the resources to produce printed editions of all these titles at once. Therefore, in order to make all of this material available at one time, on a single source, we have released the PHP Library on CD.

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The Protestant Reformation

Come Out From Among Them: 'Anti-Nicodemite' Writings of John Calvin

An entire volume, newly translated from the French, providing some of Calvin's most important statements respecting worship. Calvin writes

against the 'Nicodemites:' a class of would-be Protestants who hoped to maintain their social standing by outward conformity to Romish rituals and

worship; these dissemblers claimed that it was lawful to attend the outward ordinances of Romish worship, so long as they did not inwardly receive the heretical tenets of Rome.

Calvin's response is forceful. Through a series of tracts, letters, and sermons, the reformer consistently maintains that proper worship is an essential part of the believer's duty to God. Calvin decries all forms of superstition and man-made worship. He exposes the blasphemous nature of popish worship, and stresses the duty of true Christians to separate themselves from such polluted forms of worship.

This volume (over 300 pages long) includes a publisher's introduction, describing Calvin's concern for worship, and providing historical background to the individual works contained in the book.

Selected Writings of John Knox, Volume 2: Later Writings and Correspondence

Following the general format of the first volume of the reformer's Selected Writings ($US29.95, in hardcover from SWRB--RB), the second volume contains the following works:

-Conversations with the Queen (1561-63)

-An Extract from The Reasoning Betwixt John Knox and the Abbot of Crossraguell (1562)

-A Sermon on Isaiah 26:13-21 (1565-66)

-An Answer to a Letter of a Jesuit Named Tyrie (1572)

-Rediscovered Writings from the English Reformation (1550-52)

-Extracts from An Answer to a Great Number of Blasphemous Cavillations Written by an Anabaptist, and Adversary to God's Eternal Predestination (1560)

-Personal Correspondence (1552-58)

-Letters Chiefly from the Scottish Reformation (1559-72)

-Answers to Libels (1571)

On Superior Powers (Christopher Goodman)

From 1555 to 1558, Christopher Goodman served as co-pastor, with John Knox, of the congregation of English exiles in Geneva. During the course of his ministry, Goodman preached upon Acts 4:19 and 5:29: "Whether it be right in the sight of God, to obey you rather than God, judge ye. We ought rather to obey God than men." At the request of his brethren, Goodman subsequently published an expanded version of his exposition, "How Superior Powers Ought to be Obeyed of Their Subjects: and Wherein They May Lawfully by God's Word be Disobeyed and Resisted. Wherein also is declared the cause of all this present misery in England, and the only way to remedy the same." In this book, Goodman contends against both ecclesiastical and political tyranny.

This new edition of Superior Powers includes a scripture index, a subject index, a biographical essay on the life of Christopher Goodman, and the original foreword by William Whittingham.

John Knox: The Forgotten Reformer (Kevin Reed)

The present volume seeks to restore interest in Knox's theology, illustrating how the reformer's beliefs have great relevance for our own day. The individual essays in this book treat the following topics:

-The life of the reformer

-The biblical law of worship

-True and false churches

-The role of the faithful pastor

-The use of plain speech

-A warning against the Anabaptists

-Church government

American Presbyterian Authors

The Argument of the Book of Job Unfolded (William Henry Green)

This volume is not a detailed commentary; rather it furnishes an overview of the principal persons and themes in the book of Job: Job's happy estate,

Satan, Job in affliction, Job's three friends, Job's conflict, Job's triumph, Job's refutation of his friends, Elihu, the Lord, and the place of the book of Job in the scheme of holy scripture. William Henry Green (1825-1900) was a professor at Princeton Seminary. His volume about the book of Job was originally published in 1874.

God Manifest in the Flesh: Letters on Unitarianism; Letters on the Eternal Sonship of Christ (Samuel Miller)

The two books reproduced in this volume are thematically linked, and they furnish Miller's most extensive writings on Christological controversies.

Each book was produced with a distinct readership in mind. The first work, "Letters on Unitarianism" (1821), was written for a general readership, in order to expose the evils of Unitarianism, so that orthodox Christians would guard against the inroads of Unitarian errors (prevalent today in some Charismatic circles--RB). The second work, "Letters on the Eternal Sonship of Christ" (1823), was composed to correct the errors of a straying brother, Moses Stuart, a professor at Andover Seminary; in contrast to the first book, the second work is cast with a more academic readership in mind. Also included, as an Appendix, is Miller's "Letter to the Editor of the Unitarian Miscellany," which was a reply to a published attack against Miller, by an anonymous Unitarian writer whose article was printed in the Unitarian periodical.

Holding Fast the Faithful Word: Sermons and Addresses by Samuel Miller

Contents of the Volume:

The Gospel

The book opens with strong declarations about the first principles of Christianity. Miller explains the substitutionary atonement in "Christ Our Righteousness." He shows the necessity of "Being on the Lord's Side." Perceptive readers will note the depth of these statements, respecting the nature of the gospel, in contrast to the shallow evangelistic messages of the present day. In two missionary sermons, Miller illustrates how Christ, through the gospel, will conquer the world. There are additional sermons on "The Difficulties and Temptations which Attend the Preaching of the Gospel in Great Cities" and "The Importance of Gospel Truth."

The Christian Ministry

Miller considers "Christ, the Model of Gospel Ministers." He examines the call to the Christian ministry in "The Sacred Office Magnified." He shows the necessity and meaning of pastoral fidelity in "Holding Fast the Faithful Word." In a related messages, he stresses, "The Duty of the Church to Take Measures for Providing An Able and Faithful Ministry," and gives "A Plea for an Enlarged Ministry."

The Eldership

This volume includes Miller's original sermon on the ruling elder; his later writings on the eldership were developed from this discourse.

Personal and Family Piety

Miller gives warm exhortations regarding personal and family piety. He describes "The Duty, the Benefits, and the Proper Method of Religious Fasting." He treats "The Importance of Domestic Happiness," and "The Means of Domestic Happiness." An illuminating discussion on the role of women is found in "The Appropriate Duty of the Female Sex.


Exhortations to Christians

Christian parents are given a stern warning on the danger of educating their children in Roman Catholic schools. Later discourses cover the subjects of suicide and theatrical amusements.

Presbyterian Ordination (Robert J. Breckinridge)

A companion speech to Breckinridge's Presbyterian Government, this discourse sustains the argument that ordination is a joint governmental act of the presbytery, not a ministerial rite restricted to preachers. Breckinridge defends the propriety of ruling elders participating in the laying on of hands in ministerial ordinations.



Books and Booklets

         An Able and Faithful Ministry (Samuel Miller)

         Biblical Church Government (Kevin Reed)

         Biblical Worship (Kevin Reed)

         Campbellism -- The Origin of Campbellism: Its Pretensions, and Causes of its Early Success (Nathan L. Rice)

         The Christian Education of the Children and Youth in the Presbyterian Church (Samuel Miller)

         Christmas: A Biblical Critique (Michael Schneider and Kevin Reed)

         Christmas-Keeping and the Reformed Faith (David Cason)

         Communion Catechism (John Craig)

         Confession of the English Congregation at Geneva (1556)

         Doctrinal Integrity (Samuel Miller)

         The Elder and His Work (David Dickson)

         Family Worship (J. H. Merle D'Aubigné)

         Fasting (Samuel Miller)

         The First and Second Books of Discipline (Church of Scotland)

         The First Blast of the Trumpet (John Knox)

         Forbidden Alliances (George Gillespie)

         Genevan Book of Order (1556)

         The Guilt, Folly, and Sources of Suicide (Samuel Miller)

         Infant Baptism (Samuel Miller)

         Instrumental Music in the Public Worship of the Church (John L. Girardeau)

         Letters on Revivals of Religion (Samuel Miller)

         Making Shipwreck of the Faith: Evangelicals and Roman Catholics Together (Kevin Reed)

         Men, Women, and Order in the Church: Three Sermons by John Calvin

         The Necessity of Reforming the Church (John Calvin)

         Order of Excommunication and Public Repentance (Church of Scotland, John Knox)

         Presbyterian Government (Robert J. Breckinridge)

         On Revivals of Religion [against Finney] (Albert Dod)

         The Ruling Elder (unabridged book, with supplemental material) Samuel Miller

         The Scottish Confession of Faith (Church of Scotland, John Knox et al.)

         The Scottish Confession of Faith with Scripture Proofs from the Geneva Bible (Church of Scotland, John Knox et al.)

         The Scottish Metrical Psalms, with notes by John Brown of Haddington

         Scriptural Interpretation (Patrick Fairbairn)

         Scripture Index to the Westminster Standards (Stephen Pribble)

         Selected Writings of John Knox, Volume 1: Public Epistles, Treatises, and Expositions to the Year 1559

         On Shunning the Unlawful Rites of the Ungodly (John Calvin)

         True and False Worship (John Knox)

         The True Method of Giving Peace to Christendom and Reforming the Church (John Calvin)

         Truth and Heresy (George Gillespie)

         The Unity of the Church (Thomas M'Crie)

         The Warrant and Nature of Public Worship (Benjamin Morgan Palmer)

         The Westminster Confession and Creeds (Robert L. Dabney)


Special Publications: Miscellaneous Articles and Book Reviews

         The Antinomian Streak in the Reconstructionist Movement (Kevin Reed)

         The Canterbury Tales: An Extended Review and Commentary Based upon the Geneva Papers (Kevin Reed)

         Charles Finney and Revivalism (Kevin Reed)

         Children: the Hope of the Church --The Relationship of the Church to Her Children in the Writings of Samuel Miller (Kevin Reed)

         The Church and the Parachurch:An Unequal Yoke (Kevin Reed)

         The Conduct and Character of Arminius (Samuel Miller)

         The Decline of American Presbyterianism (The First Time) -- Kevin Reed

         Of Exegesis and Eccentricity (Kevin Reed)

         Fundamentalism: A Preliminary Look at Its Historic Features and Figures (Kevin Reed)

         The Legacy of Roger Williams (Kevin Reed)

         Letter from Charles Phinney [Kevin Reed]

         Ministerial Training (Kevin Reed)

         On the Monstrous Government of Women: The Position of Protestant Reformers Respecting Female Government (Kevin Reed)

         Presbyterian Government in Extraordinary Times (Kevin Reed)

         Presbyterian Government (Syllabus) [Kevin Reed]

         Presbyterian Worship: Old and New (Review regarding John Frame) [Kevin Reed]

         The Present Evangelical Crisis (Kevin Reed)

         Princeton Seminary and Presbyterian Polity (Kevin Reed)

         Religious Dissemblers and Theological Liars (Kevin Reed)

         Revivalism in America (Kevin Reed)

         War Against the Idols (Kevin Reed)

This article is a book notice for War Against the Idols: The Reformation of Worship from Erasmus to Calvin (available in softcover for $US29.95 from SWRB--RB) by Carlos M. N. Eire (Cambridge University Press, 1986.).

Copyright 1999 by Kevin Reed, all rights reserved.

(CD) $299.95-67%= $98.98 (US funds) [$200.97 off!]

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CALVIN ON SEPARATION FROM FALSE WORSHIP (i.e. worship not based on the second commandment or what is now called the regulative principle of worship) AND WORSHIPPING PRIVATELY (IN YOUR HOME)

(From: John Calvin, Come Out From Among Them, The Anti-Nicodemite Writings of John Calvin, a forthcoming book to be published by Protestant Heritage Press, "A Short Treatise", pp. 93, 94, emphases added [or NOW AVAILABLE on the new PHP CD: "LIBRARY OF PRESBYTERIAN HERITAGE PUBLICATIONS and PROTESTANT HERITAGE PRESS").

CALVIN WRITES: "Some one will therefore ask me what counsel I would like to give to a believer who thus dwells in some Egypt or Babylon where he may not worship God purely, but is forced by the common practice to accommodate himself to bad things. The first advice would be to leave [i.e. relocate -- GB] if he could. . . . If someone has no way to depart, I would counsel him to consider whether it would be possible for him to abstain from all idolatry in order to preserve himself pure and spotless toward God in both body and soul. Then let him worship God in private, praying him to restore his poor church to its right estate."

Cited in: Appendix G in The Covenanted Reformation Defended (see below) by Greg Barrow ( ), "A brief examination of Mr. Bacon's principles regarding the visible church and the use of private judgment. Also, some observations regarding his ignoble attack upon Kevin Reed in his book entitled The Visible Church in the Outer Darkness."

Romans 16:17 is also very clear on this point:

"Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the (Apostolic--RB) doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them."


Selected Writings of John Knox: Public Epistles, Treatises and Expositions to the Year 1559
This is possibly the most important publishing event of 1995. It has been over 100 years since Knox's Works were published in a collected edition. The editor, Kevin Reed, has done a splendid job of including the writings of Knox that would most speak to our day. In fact, given the present state of religion in general, it is hard to imagine another author, living or dead, that could be considered as important as Knox. This is the first of two volumes which will reproduce the most significant writings of the Scottish reformer. The 640 pages of material is generally arranged in chronological order, enabling the reader to see the development of Knox's thought. Each selection is preceded by a brief introduction that describes the setting and calls attention to preeminent aspects of the work. It sets forth the works of Knox with contemporary spelling, punctuation and grammar. Andrew Sandlin, editor of the Chalcedon Report, says of this work, that "Kevin Reed and Presbyterian Heritage Publications must be commended for producing Selected Writings of John Knox... The value of the book is enhanced by marginal notes, including relevant Scripture references, the font is aesthetically pleasing, and the paper is of high quality. Knox put sinew in the soul and iron in the backbone. He needs to be read more frequently and fully" (Oct., 1995, p. 27). Furthermore, it is very telling that Reed, after encountering Knox's Works for the first time, writes, "I found Knox to be a riveting author. His zeal and knowledge were extraordinary. The reformer's epistles burned with the fervour of a man writing from the front line of a battlefield. Here was a man entirely committed to serving Christ" (John Knox the Forgotten Reformer: Studies in the Theology of the Scottish Reformer [Presbyterian Heritage Publications, forthcoming, p. 9]). Moreover, David Chilton has noted of Knox that "while he is often con-sidered merely one of Calvin's lieutenants, he was actually a Reformer in his own right. In some respects he was the greatest of them all" ("Puritanism and Law," Journal of Christian Reconstruction, Vol. 5, No. 2). Additionally, Kevin Reed has perceptively pointed out, that because of Knox's concern for purity of wor-ship "it is no wonder that the Scottish Reformation was the most thorough among any of the Protestant nations" (from the introduction to Knox's True and False Worship: A Vindication of the Doctrine that the Sacrifice of the Mass is Idolatry, p. 14). One individual while taking notes during Knox's preaching commented, "[h]e made me so to quake and tremble, that I could not hold my pen to write." Great sums of money were promised, by the enemies of the Gospel, to anyone who would kill him. And it has been said that Queen Mary feared Knox on his knees more than all the armies of Scotland. "Calvin described Knox as a ëbrother... laboring energetically for the faith'" (CH) And even the editor of Christian History magazine, who openly admits that he does not like Knox, writes, "[h]e was a Hebrew Jeremiah set down on Scottish soil ó in a relentless campaign of fiery oratory, he sought to destroy idolatry and purify national religion. In the end his cause triumphed... for his raw courage and tenacity, and for his legacy ó Scottish, American, and world-wide Presbyterianism ó we honor him." If we are ever to see the nations come to Christ again, in the way that they did during the 16th and 17th centuries, it will only be because the Lord has revived the teaching of men like Knox. For it was as with the sharp two-edged sword of the Lord that Knox spoke then and nations trembled and bowed to the Crown rights of King Jesus. If we speak in a similar manner will we not, Lord willing, see the same effects? Here, providentially, we have the record of those powerful and effectual words once again (in easy-to-read English). It therefore behooves all Christians, in every denomination and land, to consider them carefully.
(Hardcover) $29.97 (US funds)


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"Your... CD's of Reformation and Puritan authors are a great boon to studies in the Reformed-Puritan experiential tradition. Receive our hearty thanks for your invaluable work in making so many rare gems accessible to thousands." (Joel Beeke, President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary).

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"These Puritan resources are the greatest I've ever seen. These eyes have never seen anything greater than what you have produced except that old King James Bible" (Email from a Customer in Georgia, USA).

Some Additional Customer Comments on SWRB's CD sets (Reformation, Calvinism, Protestant, Puritan).

"This collection of… CDs is a truly astounding accomplishment. There is nothing like this available to the ordinary Christian on the whole face of the earth. Now, for the first time ever, ordinary Christians can have direct and near effortless access to the very cream of Puritan and Reformed, as well as Covenanter, literature... What they used to say of the Puritan John Flavel's preaching, can be said of these CDs: they are 'hissing hot'! ... more" (emphases added).

- Dr Jonathan D. Moore, Cambridge, UK.
(Scholar of 16th and 17th century Calvinistic literature.)

"The purchase of (SWRB's) CD's is proving to be one of the wisest investments that I have ever made. They are much more than I expected!! I am having a wonderful time reading and studying."

- TC, Internet Customer (USA).

"The greatest collection of classic Reformation resources on one CD set ever!"

"In reading this mornings mailing I noticed that you also do the Reformation Bookshelf CD's so I went to your web site to see what was out -- I was in ecstasy!!!"

- Missionary working in Hatyai, Southern Thailand

Full SWRB CD comment from Dr. McMahon:

"I have been systematically working through reading the Puritan and Reformed CDs I purchased.

I must say, there is nothing like them available anywhere.

It is the most amazing collection of works I know of in one package to date.

In my opinion, it far surpasses Ages Software and their collections.*

The Puritan and Reformed material presented on these CDs is exceptional.

I am continually amazed at the depth and breadth of information in both collections, and the rarity of works that I now have at my fingertips.

You have done an immeasurable service for the Kingdom of Christ in making these CDs available, and every pastor and theologian should own them without question (they would be foolhardy to pass them by)."

- For Christ's Crown and Covenant,
Dr. C. Matthew McMahon
A Puritan's Mind Ministries,
John 5:39, " the Scriptures..."
"Novum Testamentum in Vetre latet, et in Novo, Vetus patet." Augustine
( "The New is in the Old concealed, and in the New, the Old revealed." )

* It is SWRB's opinion that Ages has done an excellent job in making various Reformed works available on CD, so much so that we also distribute a number of their CDs at discounts. Thus, please don't make more out of our publishing this comment than is warranted, as this is a comment we received from one of our customers and it expresses his opinion. As for Ages' work, we rejoice whenever the truth is published, whether through others or through SWRB (as we play only a very small part in the revival of classic Reformation, Puritan and Covenanter thought that is now taking place worldwide through God's marvelous grace). The publication of the best Reformers and Puritans of the past is one of the greatest needs of our time, as this extends the blessings that come through faithful preachers and authors into our day and into the future. Lord willing, the growth in the publishing of faithful works from the past will help stem the tide of the great declension and unfaithfulness which we are now witnessing all around us, even (sadly) among many churches that still call themselves "Presbyterian" and/or "Reformed." So please pray together with us that our Lord will multiple the number of faithful publishers and publications, and that He will give many the heart to stand for the truth no matter the consequences (as He has done for our faithful forefathers, who resisted Satan and sin unto blood and even to martyrdom in many cases). -- RB.

"SWRB's Puritan and Reformation CD libraries are an invaluable source for the study of the history and theology of classic Reformation theology. The collection is remarkable not only for depth of content, but also for the rarity of many of the works. Most seminary libraries will not have even a percentage of the works available on these CD-ROMs. I cannot imagine anyone working in Reformation / historical theology that would not want to use the Puritan and Reformed libraries!"

- Phillip J. Long
Associate Prof. of New Testament
Grace Bible College
Grand Rapids, MI 49509

"I just received your CD collection. One bit of advice: you should instruct your customers to take about 1 week off just to peruse the tables of contents for these CD's, followed by another week off, in order to recover from the state of shock in which they will find themselves.

In all seriousness, this collection is almost impossible to describe. It has to be seen to be believed. As a pastor, my library has just increased dramatically. As a Ph.D. student in Puritan and Post-Reformation studies, I have immediate access to many of the same works for which I would normally need to access through rare book rooms of theological libraries.

Thank you for this labor of love. Thank you for making it accessible, both financially and technologically. May the Lord richly bless you for this service to his people."

- Yours for the faith,
Pastor David Owen Filson
Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church (PCA), Nashville, TN

"You all are doing a wonderful service by making all these materials so readily available. Having them on my hard drive is BETTER than having access to a rare book library with all of them in hand... I have found the CD set invaluable as a tool of scholarship. So once again I commend you brothers for making it available."

- Dr. E. Calvin Beisner
Knox Theological Seminary
Author and Associate Professor of Historical Theology and Social Ethics

(Author of: Psalms of Promise: Celebrating the Majesty and Faithfulness of God, God in Three Persons, Answers: For Atheists, Agnostics, and Other Thoughtful Skeptics--Dialogs About Christian Faith and Life, Man, Economy, and Environment in Biblical Perspective, Where Garden Meets Wilderness: Evangelical Entry Into the Environmental Debate, Evangelical Heathenism? Examining Contemporary Revivalism, as well as other books, scholarly papers, and contributions to various anthologies).

"It's been several weeks now since I received the CDs and have had some time to digest some of them. All I can say is, "WOW!" This is truly a library like no other, and has already paid great dividends not only in my own personal worship and study, but in my teaching as well. I first balked at the price, but after seeing the vastness of the material, I almost feel as though I'm robbing you!

I pray that the Lord will allow you to get these materials into the hands of as many ministers as possible."

- Email from SC, USA

Full SWRB CD comment from Dr. Moore:

This collection of 62 CDs is a truly astounding accomplishment. There is nothing like this available to the ordinary Christian on the whole face of the earth.

Now, for the first time ever, ordinary Christians can have direct and near effortless access to the very cream of Puritan and Reformed, as well as Covenanter, literature.

These books are often in fascinating first editions and many are electronically linked and indexed for the first time. The ordinary Christian may here dig into a simply staggering wealth of literature, from devotional and sermonic material to technical and scholarly works. Even in the days of the Long Reformation itself ordinary Christians didn't get to see this kind of library -- most couldn't read for a start, and even those who could, would never have been able to afford to buy even a hundredth part of the material on these CDs. Truly we are without excuse!

And the significance of this collection goes even beyond that. No longer do we have to wait for modern Reformed publishing houses to predict that a particular Reformation or Puritan book will be sufficiently popular to make it economical to reprint, or to deem it "safe" enough to be let loose on the modern evangelical church. Rather, we are now able to see for ourselves the whole range of the Puritan and Reformed publishing enterprise, including views that are usually suppressed by most modern devotees of "Puritan" piety!

Buy these CDs while you can, and find out for yourself what the First and Second Reformations were really all about! You'll be truly amazed, and, by God's grace, will grow from being an ordinary Christian to being an extraordinary one. What they used to say of the Puritan John Flavel's preaching, can be said of these CDs: they are "hissing hot"!

- Dr Jonathan D. Moore, Cambridge, UK.
(Scholar of 16th and 17th century Calvinistic literature.)

"This side of eternity I'll never be able to repay the favor you have done mankind by bringing these... CDs together.

The first week of reading I grew more as a Christian reading those rich, pure Gospel Commentators than I have in 18 years of Christian life. After reading some of the Puritan CDs I have to get the Reformation set if it kills me. A fire is burning within me. These... CDs are liable to start a revival fire unseen in any generation... the Gospel in its pure form is seen in these... CDs.

Sir, I cant say enough. What a treasure! I'll never be able to repay you this side of heaven, but when we get there I am sure you will see the rich fruits of your labor. God bless you for not being money hungry but wanting to see Christians grow in the Lord... I love you even though we have never met, you have helped me in my Christian walk tremendously with these... CDs.

I am not bragging on the flesh, I am just giving honor where honor is due. The Holy Ghost will take these CDs and light a fire unseen and unheard of. God bless you all at Still Waters."

- Email from the USA

"Thank you so very much for the CDs.

I am amazed at the quality and quantity of the literature...

I cannot imagine any other single thing being done by any man or group of men in the earth today that is of such extensive, present, and enduring value as this CD work is.

God be praised that he uses sickly and weak men to forward his kingdom, that the work may not be mistaken to be wrought by the might of men, but by his Spirit. His strength is perfected in weakness."

- Email from Colorado


Many more comments on the SWRB's CD sets (by the Banner of Truth magazine, Calvin Beisner [Professor of Historical Theology and Social Ethics at Knox Theological Seminary], Dr. E.P. Elliott [Christian Observer magazine], and many others.) can be found at the end of the page at:




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