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Evangelicals & Roman Catholics Together

Making Shipwreck of the Faith: Evangelicals and Roman Catholics Together by Kevin Reed (In 1994, a group of notable evangelicals and Roman Catholics issued a statement of cooperation entitled, "Evangelicals and Catholics Together: The Christian Mission in the Third Millennium." The document has provoked numerous articles and books assailing the evangelical signatories to the accord. The present author has surveyed many of the responses to ect, but he has come away with mixed feelings. So far, most of the critics of ect take aim at areas where Rome is an easy target; but they avoid critical aspects of doctrine and practice where modern evangelicals exhibit remarkable similarities to Rome. There can be no question that the ect document represents a colossal compromise with Rome on the part of any professing Protestant who supports it. Moreover, the accord and its aftermath reveal much about the present state of evangelicalism. In particular, the situation demonstrates that most evangelicals have departed from the doctrines and practices of the Protestant Reformation. We take this opportunity to focus upon the preeminent issues of the Reformation. The present essay seeks to redirect the focus of readers to the bigger picture, providing a framework for assessing Roman Catholicism, contemporary evangelicalism, and the ect document. This book illustrates how both Romanists and evangelicals have rejected scriptural teaching about (1.) the essence of the gospel, (2.) divinely-instituted worship, and (3.) the marks of a true church. By corrupting the gospel, worship, and the church, evangelicals and Roman Catholics together are making shipwreck of the Christian faith. [Kevin Reed])

The Alignment of New Evangelicals with Apostasy (and A Rebuke to the Signers of Evangelicals and Catholics Together) by Richard M. Bennett

Free etext at:
Free MP3 at:

Evangelicals and Catholics Together: Resources for Refutation by Reg Barrow

The Roman Catholic-Lutheran "Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification": A Denial of the Gospel and the Righteousness of Christ by Richard M. Bennett (Bennett, a former Roman Catholic priest writes, "There have been numerous, alarming attempts over the past five years to declare Roman Catholics as "brothers and sisters in Christ" during the dialogue between Evangelicals and the Roman Catholic Church. Now something more sinister and authoritative has taken place. "The Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification" (JD), an official doctrinal statement jointly authored by representatives of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) and the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), has been signed on October 31st, 1999, as a joint confessional agreement. On the 482nd anniversary of Martin Luther's pivotal posting of the yet unanswered "95 theses" that ignited the Protestant Reformation, the RCC and LWF vividly confirmed their position of the serious apostasy--to which ecumenism with Rome inevitably leads. The Lutherans of LWF have now embraced the doctrine of the Council of Trent, and in so doing have officially and formally denied the Gospel and the righteousness of Christ." Richard Bennett's testimony "From Tradition to Truth" is free at

Is Popery the Antichrist? or The Tendency of Prophecy to Describe Things According to the Reality, Rather that the Appearance or Profession

The Antichrist Unveiled by Richard M. Bennett
(Ex-Roman Catholic Priest turned Calvinist, Richard Bennett, proves from Scripture that the Papacy is the Antichrist).
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Much more on this topic, including J.A. Wylie's The Papacy is the Antichrist
(which is also in free MP3 audio at and as a free PDF offsite at
Arminianism: The Road to Rome by Augustus Toplady (Reformation History Notes #1)

Roman Catholic Sex Scandals and the Glory of Christ's Priesthood Contrasted With the Immorality of the Roman Catholic Priesthood (Hebrews 7:23-28)
by Richard M. Bennett
Free MP3 at:

Root Cause of Catholic Scandals and the Sovereignty of God by Richard M. Bennett

Free etext at:

Forbidden Alliances by George Gillespie
by Patrick Fairbairn

The Covenanted Reformation Defended Against Contemporary Schismatics by Greg Barrow (Greg Price, Reg Barrow and Larry Birger) Contains indispensable information on unity and separation and the Reformed view of the Roman Catholic Church. Demonstrates how those promoting unity with the Roman Antichrist are actually guilty of schism and diving the body of Christ. This book, of over 300 [8.5" X 11"] pages, is also offered as a cerlox bound photocopy [$14.98 US funds] or a Hardcover photocopy [$25.00 US funds].)

Introductory Essay to John Knox's True and False Worship by Kevin Reed

A Vindication of the Doctrine that the Sacrifice of the Mass is Idolatry (1550) by John Knox

The Necessity of Reforming the Church (1543) by John Calvin

The Necessity of Reforming the Church
by John Calvin is also available in MP3 audio format beginning at:

The Appellation from the Sentence Pronounced by the Bishops and Clergy: Addressed to the Nobility and Estates of Scotland (1558) by John Knox


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Making Shipwreck of the Faith: Evangelicals and Roman Catholics Together
This is the best book, critiquing this unholy alliance, to appear yet. It is the only book that has gone to the heart of the issues, at the most basic level, and not merely dealt with the obvious external differences with Rome. It convincingly shows that, concerning "critical aspects of doctrine and practice," many "modern evangelicals have become very much like Rome." The two major areas dealt with are the doctrines of salvation (especially regarding justification, predestination, evangelism and the bondage of the will) and worship. Arminianism, in both these areas, has already made such inroads into "evangelicalism," that most Protestant churches would not even be recognized by their own Protestant forefathers. For example, Reed writes, "[i]f you are resting your assurance of salvation upon your "decision;" if you think that your "free will" or "accepting Christ" produced the new birth within you; then you are deceived, you are no better off than a Judaizer or a Romanist. You have made your "decision" into a work, and subverted the doctrine of salvation by grace." Furthermore, it is perceptively pointed out that "[t]oday, many Roman Catholics and evangelicals decry the sins of abortion and homosexuality as manifestations of our nation's corruptions (which they are); but these same contemporary moralists are generally silent about the heinous sin of corrupt worship" (p. 35). You would think that for much of "evangelicalism" today, the first table of the law was never a reflection of God's unchanging moral perfections, or that the God of the Old Testament has forgotten His own most important moral directions to mankind -- at least since the coming of Christ. If you want the Biblical reasons for rejecting man-made gospels and man-made worship (whether they be found in Rome, or among the Charismatics, Baptists, independents, or other so-called "evangelicals") this book tells it like it is. For as Reed states, "[l]iving in an era of religious pluralism, we are too apt to forget that heresy is a form of moral corruption; it is classed among ëworks of the flesh' along with adultery, fornication, uncleaness, idolatry, witchcraft, murder, and drunkenness (Gal. 5:19-21). That is how the Lord views heresy. And thus heresy is dangerous to our souls; there are heresies which are "damnable" in their nature (2 Pet. 2:1). The issues which fostered the Protestant Reformation are not simply matters for academic debate. They are great and eternal matters respecting the way of salvation and the proper worship of God" (book, p. 82). Don't miss this important and fiery rebuke against modern apostasy, calling the signers of ECT to repentance!
(Softcover) $10.95 (US funds)

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Roman Dogma and Scripture Truth
"In these lectures Dr. Stewart has conclusively proved that many of the dogmas of the Church of Rome have no foundation in the Word of God; that her conception of the way of salvation is gravely defective; and that her boasted authority is freely utilized as priestly tyranny. The modernists get some shrewd wipes in passing. The leading statements are amply vouched for; and the statements of Roman doctrines are carefully drawn from recognized authorities of that Church. Could candid Romanists be persuaded to study this volume, it might lead them to renounce their present Church connection. Seldom have I read any course of lectures with so much pleasure and genuine satisfaction," writes David Hay Fleming in his foreword to this volume. 270 pages.
(Bound photocopy) $29.95-70%=8.99 (US funds)

(Hardcover photocopy) $19.00 (US funds)


The Works of John Knox (6 volumes)
Here is a chance to touch the flame that ignited whole nations for covenanted Reformation. John Knox is considered by many to have been the most biblically consistent and thoroughgoing of all the great Reformers of the sixteenth century. "John Knox was in fact the embodiment of the Scottish Reformation as its preacher, theologian, liturgist, historian, and catalyst for reform." (Hall and Hall, ed. Paradigms in Polity: Classic Readings in Reformed and Presbyterian Church Government [Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1994], p. 219)."With this concern for purity of worship," notes Kevin Reed regarding Knox, "it is no wonder that the Scottish Reformation was the most thorough among any of the Protestant nations." (From the introduction to John Knox, True and False Worship: A Vindication of the Doctrine that the Sacrifice of the Mass is Idolatry [Dallas, TX: Presbyterian Heritage Publications, 1550 reprinted 1994], p.14.). "I know not," states George Smeaton, "if ever so much piety and genius were lodged in such a frail and weak body. Certain I am, that it will be difficult to find one in whom the gifts of the Holy Spirit shone so bright to the comfort of the church." (Cited in Thomas M'Crie, The Life of John Knox [1831], p. 272.) The Works of John Knox listed here is the complete six volume set collected by David Laing, 1895. Concerning this 6 volume collection, Kyle, in The Mind of John Knox (p. 14) notes, "The only real basis for a study of Knox's thought must be the writings of the reformer himself. From 1846 to 1864, David Laing collected and edited nearly all of Knox's extant writings. This remarkable collection, which scholars regard highly, is indispensable for any serious study of John Knox."
(Rare bound photocopies, 6 volume set) $299.95-70%=89.99 (US funds)

(Hardcover photocopies, 6 volume set) $199.00 (US funds)

This whole 6 volume set is also on one inexpensive CD in the Reformation Bookshelf CD set at -- see RBCD #1.

The price and contents of each volume, if purchased outside the above set, is individually listed below:


Vol. 1 - Unedited History of the Reformation in Scotland (Book 1 & 2) and 18 appendices.
Reid, in his Trumpeter of God, notes that Knox "wrote history as a prophet" and that, wherever he could, he used original sources, many of which he reproduced. Furthermore, he proclaims that this "is still a work that no one interested in this area can afford to neglect." As W.C. Dickinson has commented, "it is his monument, for in it he puts flesh and blood on the whole Reformation movement." Innes (John Knox, p. 45) says of this work, "[t]he author who has enabled us to see his own confused and changing age under ëthe broad clear light of that wonderful book' the History of the Reformation in Scotland, and who outside that book was the utterer of many an armed and winged word which pursues and smites us to this day, must have been born with nothing less than genius ó genius to observe, to narrate, and to judge. Even had he written as a mere recluse and critic, looking out upon his world from a monk's cell or from the corner of a housetop, the vividness, the tenderness, the sarcasm and the humour would still have been there." Moreover, Burton writes, "[t]here certainly is in the English language no other parallel to it in clearness, vigour, and picturesqueness with which it renders the history of a stirring period" (cited in Innes, John Knox, p. 45). This photocopy edition far surpasses the editeddown version that is available in paperback. Over 600 pages of stirring Reformation history.
(Rare bound photocopy) $49.95-65%=17.48

(Hardcover photocopy) $34.00 (US funds)


Vol. 2 - Unedited History of the Reformation in Scotland (Book 3, 4 and 5) and six appendices, index, etc.
"Knox portrayed the origins and development of a movement and not a mere chronology of events... Knox based his arguments on original sources and he often cited the documents in full. When Knox's History is compared to the contemporary vernacular narratives of Bishop Leslie and Sir James Melville, the superiority of Knox's work becomes evident. For the most part, these writers were preoccupied with petty details and had no conception of the momentous issues that hung on the events they recorded... Knox used history to demonstrate his single-track philosophy. And his philosophy said: 'The hearts of men, their thoughts, and their actions are but in the hands of God.' Lee said Knox's History was a sermon without an audience, a preaching book, one long inflammatory speech in behalf of God's truth as the reformer saw it." (Kyle, The Mind of John Knox, p. 13). Our editions of volumes one and two of Knox's Works contain the only full, unedited version of Knox's massive History of the Reformation in Scotland available today.
(Rare bound photocopy) $49.95-65%=17.48

(Hardcover photocopy) $34.00 (US funds)


Includes "... That the Sacrifice of the Mass is Idolatry." Also, writings on justification by faith, prayer, the Lord's supper, obedience to magistrates, an exposition of the sixth Psalm, letters of warning, comfort and more.
(Rare bound photocopy) $49.95-65%=17.48

(Hardcover photocopy) $34.00 (US funds)


Vol. 4
- Includes "The Appellation... to the Scottish Nobility," "The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women," Answers Concerning Baptism, Form of Prayers/Sacraments in Geneva 1556, "Letter to the Queen," "Summary of the Proposed Second Blast of the Trumpet," and much more.
(Rare bound photocopy) $49.95-65%=17.48

(Hardcover photocopy) $34.00 (US funds)


Vol. 5
- Includes "On Predestination, in Answer to the Cavillations by an Anabaptist" (462 pp.), which Boettner, in his Reformed Doctrine of Predestination, calls Knox's "chief theological work." Also, A Letter to John Foxe, Names of Martyrs, etc. 536 pages.
(Rare bound photocopy) $49.95-65%=17.48

(Hardcover photocopy) $34.00 (US funds)


Vol. 6
- Includes the Life of Knox, Letters relating to Reformation in Scotland, The Book of Common Order, a debate concerning the Mass, Fasting, "The Order of Excommunication and Public Repentance," indices of names, places and the general index, etc. 755 pages.
(Rare bound photocopy) $49.95-65%=17.48

(Hardcover photocopy) $34.00 (US funds)

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