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Persecuted Christian Minority Fighting for Life


What country has the oldest community of Christians on the continent, is the largest country on its continent, and has been in the longest war this century?

In what country has the slave trade been revived with all its brutal cruelty?

Where have Christians suffered the longest and most savage persecution in the history of this continent?

Can you name the country?

Probably not, because the U.S. government refuses to condemn its murderous Islamic regime, for fear of upsetting the balance of power in the Persian Gulf. The chicken-livered US media won't condemn the holocaust of Christians, and, although the country is black, US black leaders won't come to this people's aid. It is the Sudan, where the persecuted Christian minority is fighting against the radical Islamic government. Frontline Fellowship have risked their lives to take help to the church in the suffering Sudan, and now Peter Hammond has at last exposed the cover-up in a new book, Faith under Fire in Sudan. The atrocities against the southern Sudanese church will astonish you, but their unshakable faith under fire will humble and encourage you.

Order Faith Under Fire in Sudan for F$8.00 ppd. (postal money order or US dollar check) from:

In Touch Mission International
P.O. Box 28240
Tempe, Arizona 85282 USA

(602) 968-4100 Fax

(602) 968-5462

or contact:

Frontline Fellowship
P.O. Box 74
7725 Cape
South Africa

(021) 689-4480

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