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Protestant HoHo (i.e. Christmass) Carols

The Light Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas; and strange as it seems

I wasn't indulging in covetous dreams;

But reading my Bible, I searched for a clue

Why Christians take part in this holiday too.

I plainly could see that it carried His name,

But the spirit behind it just wasn't the same.

The songs spoke of wise men, of virgin and child,

Of shepherds, of God, and all men reconciled;

But nothing was said of the blood and the cross;

Of repentance, and faith, and of counting the cost.

They sang of the babe, His miraculous birth,

But not of the day when He'll judge the whole earth.

My Bible said nothing of Santa, or toys,

Of Frosty the Snowman, and small drummer boys.

A reference to Rudolph not once did I see.

But it seems Jeremiah did mention the tree.

I sat and I pondered this curious matter,

When out on the roof there arose such a clatter

That I knew in a moment he soon would be here;

So I prayed in the Spirit and stood without fear.

He slipped down the chimney, quick as a flash,

And stepped from the fireplace all covered with ash.

There stood St. Nick with his bag and his beard,

He looked at the Bible I held, and he sneered,

"Another fanatical Christian, I see;

No stockings; no holly, no pictures of me."

I asked him if Jesus was God in the flesh,

He said that was something he couldn't confess.

He said, "I am Santa, I come from afar."

I stood in the truth - "The Devil you are.

That suit and that beard doesn't fool me one bit.

Your jolly deception is straight from the pit.

Beneath all your Ho Ho Ho's Lucifer lurks;

With your all-seeing eyes and your gospel of works

Like a thief in the night you impersonate Christ,

Returning to judge the naughty and nice."

"So call Christmas pagan," he said, "That's O.K.

'Cause that's what my sons at the Watchtower say.

You'll look like a pagan or like a deceiver,

But none will suspect you to be a believer."

I said, "I don't care what your servants will say,

My loyalty lies with the Ancient of Days.

No matter how many abuses are hurled,

My Bible says be not comformed to this world.

You have no power, and no part of me,

So I stand on God's Word, and command you to flee."

He squealed like a pig that was stuck with a knife.

He ran to the chimney and climbed for his life.

And I heard him exclaim, as he drove out of sight,

"Merry Xmas to all, and a long, dark night."

- Unknown


Songs below © 1995 by James Dodson
Permission granted to use freely with our without acknowledgement.

        God Keep of All You Protestants (to the tune of "God Rest Ye Merry

                        God Keep All of You Protestants

                        God keep all of you Protestants
                        From walking in the way
                        Of heathens and idolaters
                        To celebrate this day.
                        You resurrect this Romish mass,
                                for you have gone astray.

        Chorus:         O, I know that its just a popish ploy
                                        popish ploy
                        Yes, I know that its just a popish ploy.

                        You celebrate the birth of Christ
                        Though God did not command
                        This service of idolatry
                        Is not part of His plan
                        You wed the devil to the Son,
                                when Christ-Mass you demand.

                                (repeat Chorus)

        That Little Town the Vatican (to the tune of "O Little Town of

That Little Town the Vatican

                        That little town the Vatican
                        How well it tells a lie
                        To lull you into hellish sleep
                        Idolatry to ply.
                        Their net of darkness closes
                        O, Protestant to snare
                        Your soul to popish wickedness
                        Your minds their lies to bear.

        No Christmas (to the tune of "White Christmas")

   No Christmas

                        I'm dreaming there'll be no Christmas
                        Just like those Scottish days of yore
                        When the people listened
                                Reformed truth glistened
                        And they laid low the Romish whore.

                        I'm dreaming there'll be no Christmas
                        And that the truth will be revived
                        May God's people follow His light
                        And put out this superstitious rite.

        Barks the Papist to his Friend (to the tune of "Hark the Herald Angels

     Barks the Papist to his Friend

                        Barks the papist to his friend
                        Help us reach our wicked end
                        Keep the world in superstition
                        And destroy Protestantism.

                        Let them keep our Christmas day
                        Protestants, the pope will say,
                        Come and celebrate our mass
                        And help us in our wicked task

                        Dark the day that we give in
                        And celebrate that popish sin.

        Enslave the World (to the tune of "Joy to the World")

      Enslave the World

                        Enslave the world 
                                with Godless lies
                        And help the pope to reign
                        Let every Protestant 
                                prepare to celebrate
        Chorus:         And keep that popish mass
                                and keep that popish mass
                                and keep, and keep, that popish mass.

                        He'll rule the world
                                in tyranny
                        And make the nations bow
                        Before his triple crown
                                the Protestants he'll make to crouch

                                (repeat Chorus)

        Banish Christmas (to the tune of "The Chestnut Song")

   Banish Christmas

                        Servetus roasting in an open fire
                        John Knox preaching where he can
                        Calvin teaching against every sin
                        The folk all look so Puritan.
                        Everybody knows idolatry is wickedness
                                for papist, Protestant or Jew.
                        Though some people say,
                        They got carried away
                        Banish Christmas here, too!

        Revive, Revive thy Long Lost Truth (to the tune of "O Come O Come

  Revive, Revive Thy Long Lost Truth

                        Revive, revive, thy long lost truth
                        And save us from this popish abuse
                        That captivates thy Protestant folk
                        Until thy truth is hidden in a cloak
                        Of popish lies
                                Of popish lies
                        Until thy truth shall be revived.

                        Revive thy truth and set thy people free
                        From all this satanistic tyranny
                        From depth of superstition save
                        And lay that Papal whore in the grave
                        With all its lies
                                With all its lies
                        And then shall thy truth be revived.

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