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by Reg Barrow


               Kevin Reed, of Presbyterian Heritage Publications (P.O. Box 180922, 
Dallas, TX, 75218), has recently written a faithful 
response to the Evangelicals & Catholics Together (ECT hereafter) 
document. It is called Making Shipwreck of the Faith: Evangelicals and 
Roman Catholics Together (free online from SWRB). This is the best book, critiquing this 
unholy alliance, to appear yet. It is the only book that has gone to the 
heart of the issues, at the most basic level, and not merely dealt with the 
obvious external differences with Rome. It convincingly shows, that 
concerning "critical aspects of doctrine and practice," many "modern 
evangelicals have become very much like Rome." The two major areas 
dealt with are the doctrines of salvation (especially regarding justification, 
predestination, evangelism and the bondage of the will) and worship. 
Arminianism, in both these areas, has already made such inroads into 
"evangelicalism," that most Protestant churches would not even be 
recognized by their own Protestant forefathers. For example, Reed writes, 
"[i]f you are resting your assurance of salvation upon your 'decision;' if you 
think that your 'free will' or 'accepting Christ' produced the new birth 
within you; then you are deceived _ you are no better off than a Judaizer 
or a Romanist. You have made your 'decision' into a work, and subverted 
the doctrine of salvation by grace." Furthermore, it is perceptively pointed 
out that "[t]oday, many Roman Catholics and evangelicals decry the sins of 
abortion and homosexuality as manifestations of our nation's corruptions 
(which they are); but these same contemporary moralists are generally 
silent about the heinous sin of corrupt worship" (p. 35). You would think, 
that for much of "evangelicalism" today, the first table of the law was 
never a reflection of God's unchanging moral perfections, or that the God of 
the Old Testament has forgotten His own most important moral directions 
to mankind _ at least since the coming of Christ. If you want the biblical 
reasons for rejecting man-made gospels and man-made worship (whether 
they be found in Rome, or among the Charismatics, Baptists, independents, 
or other so-called "evangelicals") this book tells it like it is. Again as Reed 
states, "[l]iving in an era of religious pluralism, we are too apt to forget that 
heresy is a form of moral corruption; it is classed among 'works of the 
flesh' along with adultery, fornication, uncleaness, idolatry, witchcraft, 
murder, and drunkenness (Gal, 5:19-21). That is how the Lord views 
heresy. And thus heresy is dangerous to our souls; there are heresies 
which are 'damnable' in their nature (2 Pet. 2:1). The issues which fostered 
the Protestant Reformation are not simply matters for academic debate. 
They are great and eternal matters respecting the way of salvation and the 
proper worship of God" (book, p. 82). Don't miss this important and fiery 
rebuke against modern apostasy! For as our author states, "[t]o any 
evangelicals who have signed or supported the ECT accord, we have but 
one thing to say: Repent!" Also most pertinent to this renewed debate is 
PHP's reprint of True and False Worship: A Vindication of the Doctrine that 
the Sacrifice of the Mass is Idolatry by John Knox (from SWRB for $3.99 
Canadian). Written in 1550, it addresses the issue at hand in an 
uncompromising manner. Moreover, it shows why the Scottish Reformation 
under Knox was the most God-honoring and thoroughgoing break with 
Popery that the world has ever seen. The large hardcover, Selected 
Writings of John Knox ($29.95 Canadian from SWRB), is now available too! 
It utterly destroys the false teaching, lies, and heresy of the Roman harlot; 
as well as containing many of the most influential of Knox's writings _ 
concerning the church, state, and the individuals response to widespread 
declension and apostasy. It clearly shows why Knox was used of God to 
build a Reformed nation out of Scotland in his day.
               John MacArthur's recent publication entitled Reckless Faith: When the 
Church Loses Its Will To Discern (Crossway Books, 1994) contains two 
excellent chapters exposing the danger and apostasy found in ECT. Chapter 
5 is a specific refutation of ECT laying out how this document sells out the 
Protestant Reformation at its most basic and fundamental points. Appendix 
1 "Is Roman Catholicism Changing?" is a lucid examination of modern 
Romanist rhetoric. It demonstrates that despite all the fine sounding words 
of compromise and unity with Protestants, Rome remains steadfast in her 
opposition to Christ and His gospel. Both chapters are well documented and 
well written and form the best answer to ECT accessible today. (Available 
from SWRB for $19.99 Canadian.)
               Christian Renewal, in their August 1994 issue, printed James White's 
review and response to ECT in an article entitled "Whatever Happened to 
the Gospel." It points out vital doctrinal errors in ECT and demonstrates 
how this document will spiritually harm the unwary. It is a faithful call for 
repentance (by name) on the part of the singers of ECT and has stirred a 
fair amount of controversy already, especially in eastern Canada. Christian 
Renewal can be contacted at P.O. Box 777, Jordan Station, ON Canada, L0R 
1S0 or P.O. Box 770, Lewiston, NY 14092 _ phone (905) 562-5719 or fax 
(905) 562-7828.
               Richard Bennett, a former Dominican Catholic priest and compiler of the 
book Far From Rome Near To God: The Testimonies of 50 Converted 
Catholic Priests (Sovereign Grace Publications, 1994 _ $13.50 Canadian 
from SWRB) is offering a critique of ECT called "We Ought to Obey God 
Rather Than Men" for $4 US funds. It includes the ECT document, a list of 
its signatories and a "petition" of reproof against the "evangelicals" who 
signed it. Insights that could only come from a ex-Romanist priest are 
found throughout, as Bennett marshalls scriptural arguments against 
Roman Catholic tradition, error, and deception. A one of a kind refutation 
of this proposed unholy alliance! Available from Berean Beacon, P.O. Box 
55353, Portland OR 97238-5353 _ phone or fax (503) 257-5995.


(All items below are available from SWRB and are listed in US funds. 
Our full 64 page discount Christian book catalogue will be sent with every 
               Martin Luther, The Bondage of the Will (book, $12.88). Luther called 
this reply to the Roman Catholic scholar Erasmus his most important book. 
It focuses on the major issue of the early Reformation, the doctrine of 
               John Calvin, The Necessity of Reforming the Church (book, $6.98). One of 
the most important documents of the Reformation.
               The Westminster Confession of Faith (hardcover, $14.98). The 
quintessential Protestant statement of belief completed in 1647.
               Carlos Eire, War Against the Idols: The Reformation of Worship from 
Erasmus to Calvin (book, $243.96). A splendid, edifying, and invigorating 
historical work that gets directly into the heart of the major issues of the 
Reformation. Translates portions of Reformation documents, by major 
Reformers, that have not previously been available in English _ proving 
that concern for purity of worship and the true knowledge of salvation 
were the central concerns of Reformation theology. Also demonstrates how 
the worship question became primary as the Reformation gained strength. 
It is especially thorough (bordering on a masterpiece) concerning Calvin's 
views and influence.
               William Cunningham, Historical Theology (2 vol. hardcover, $69.97). 
Covers the major doctrinal discussions of church history. Is especially 
helpful in dealing with Rome in the chapters on Justification, the 
Sacraments, the Council of Trent, Worship, the Fall, and the Church at the 
Reformation. Compares the differences in each area between Roman 
Catholics and Protestants.
               Greg Bahnsen, Mass Confusion (cassette, $3.50) and A Protestant Roman 
Catholic Debate (3 cassettes, $10.50). Shows why Bahnsen is in many 
respects one of the premier theologians of our day. The debate is especially 
interesting as Dr. Bahnsen takes on two Romanists at once.
               Greg Price, Puritan Worship (video series, $11.99 per video _ each video 
contains 2 sermons of approximately 1 hour each.) Sermons 5/44 "You Saw 
No Form: Overview of the Second Commandment" and 6/44 "Images and 
Idolatry" are most pertinent to the ECT debate and are a good introduction 
to Reformation worship and preaching. Both these sermons are on one 
video for $11.99 Canadian or on two cassettes for $4.99 Canadian.
Still Waters Revival Books, 4710-37A Ave., Edmonton, AB, Canada T6L 3T5
Phone (780) 450-3730. 


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The Roman Catholic-Lutheran "Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification": A Denial of the Gospel and the Righteousness of Christ by Richard M. Bennett (Bennett, a former Roman Catholic priest writes, "There have been numerous, alarming attempts over the past five years to declare Roman Catholics as "brothers and sisters in Christ" during the dialogue between Evangelicals and the Roman Catholic Church. Now something more sinister and authoritative has taken place. "The Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification" (JD), an official doctrinal statement jointly authored by representatives of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) and the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), has been signed on October 31st, 1999, as a joint confessional agreement. On the 482nd anniversary of Martin Luther's pivotal posting of the yet unanswered "95 theses" that ignited the Protestant Reformation, the RCC and LWF vividly confirmed their position of the serious apostasy--to which ecumenism with Rome inevitably leads. The Lutherans of LWF have now embraced the doctrine of the Council of Trent, and in so doing have officially and formally denied the Gospel and the righteousness of Christ." Richard Bennett's testimony "From Tradition to Truth" is free at http://www.bereanbeacon.org/). 
Is Popery the Antichrist? or The Tendency of Prophecy to Describe Things According to the Reality, Rather that the Appearance or Profession

Making Shipwreck of the Faith: Evangelicals and Roman Catholics Together by Kevin Reed (In 1994, a group of notable evangelicals and Roman Catholics issued a statement of cooperation entitled, "Evangelicals and Catholics Together: The Christian Mission in the Third Millennium." The document has provoked numerous articles and books assailing the evangelical signatories to the accord. The present author has surveyed many of the responses to ect, but he has come away with mixed feelings. So far, most of the critics of ect take aim at areas where Rome is an easy target; but they avoid critical aspects of doctrine and practice where modern evangelicals exhibit remarkable similarities to Rome. There can be no question that the ect document represents a colossal compromise with Rome on the part of any professing Protestant who supports it. Moreover, the accord and its aftermath reveal much about the present state of evangelicalism. In particular, the situation demonstrates that most evangelicals have departed from the doctrines and practices of the Protestant Reformation. We take this opportunity to focus upon the preeminent issues of the Reformation. The present essay seeks to redirect the focus of readers to the bigger picture, providing a framework for assessing Roman Catholicism, contemporary evangelicalism, and the ect document. This book illustrates how both Romanists and evangelicals have rejected scriptural teaching about (1.) the essence of the gospel, (2.) divinely-instituted worship, and (3.) the marks of a true church. By corrupting the gospel, worship, and the church, evangelicals and Roman Catholics together are making shipwreck of the Christian faith. [Kevin Reed])


Evangelicals & Roman Catholics Together - Roman Catholicism, the Jesuits, Islam, etc.