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A home-schooling mom says:

"Still Waters Revival Books is a great supplier of quality Homeschooling resource materials. Their mail-order catalogue (and their low prices) will appeal to the person just considering home-schooling, as well as to the veteran. Listed below are just a sampling of the very helpful and informative tapes and books that are available there... I would also recommend that you check out their web site for a listing of more of their quality materials." Ginny Dohms

BAHNSEN, DR. GREG L. The Biblical Basis for Mathematics (Cassette, $7.95-65%=-2.78) The Myth of Neutrality and Christian Education (Cassette, $7.95-65%=-2.78) BLUMENFELD, SAMUEL Alpha-Phonics: A Primer for Beginning Readers An effective, step-by-step, intensive phonics program for teaching reading to beginners of all ages. Designed for easy use by teachers, tutors, and par- ents. Complete with a teacher's manual and lesson plan. (Softcover, $49.95-25%=37.46) Alpha-Phonics Two cassette tapes to accompany the above primer. ($4.76/set) Public Schools vs. Homeschools Four cassette tapes with some of the most up to date information on the battle between private and public education. ($11.90/set) GAMBLE, DAVID Dr. Dad: Random Thoughts on the Status of Fatherhood in Modern America "Always a provocative writer," notes Rushdooney, "Gamble's study is to the point and should be read for instruction and growth in Biblical fatherhood" (Chalcedon Report, May, 1995, p. 33). Poignant and perceptive, Dr. Gamble writes as the Puritans of days gone by, except in easily understandable English. He likens your position, as father and head of your household, to that of the minister in the church: who loves, nourishes, and protects those under his care (in 24 succinct chapters). (Bound photocopy, $24.95-60%=9.98 The Teaching of Writing (Cassette, $2.08) HARRIS, GREG The Battle for Your Child (Cassette, $.95) The Christian Home School Revised, updated and back in print again! Written in a friendly style, Harris presents the benefits of home schooling, the Biblical reasons to start, and the practical steps for getting started. Mary Pride writes, "The Christian Home School is delightfully refreshing and easy to follow, the best first book for home schoolers to read." (Softcover, $19.95-20%=15.96) Why Homeschool? (Cassette, $1.01) Ten Steps to Begin Homeschooling (Cassette, $1.01) HENRY, MATTHEW The Catechising of Youth & Christ's Favour to Little Children Displayed The two sermons noted above were preached in 1713 and speak of foun- dational biblical teaching of which every family should be aware. A faithful ministry and faithful parents, who catechize their children daily, will do more for true Reformation and godliness than just about any other means to this end. (Rare Bound Photocopy, $16.95-72%=4.75) A Church in the House: A Sermon Concerning Family Religion (1704) Family worship is presently one of the most powerful weapons in a Christian parent's arsenal of truth. Read this Puritan sermon and see why! In time past, when the churches saw the family as "little churches" within the church, elders saw to it that family worship was practiced daily and that offenders against this Godly order were censured. Daily family worship is a monumental blessing on the one hand and a serious sin of omission, when not practiced, on the other. When family worship is practised faithfully (and the responsibility for this rests with the head of the house primarily, and the elders of the church secondarily through encouragement, help and discipline of the unfaithful), nations and generations to come will be greatly influenced to bow humbly before the Lord Jesus Christ and serve Him alone! For parents, and especially fathers, this may be one of the most important works you will ever read. (Rare Bound Photocopy, $9.95-80%=1.99) Complete Works of the Rev. Matthew Henry (His Commentary Excepted) Here we have all Matthew Henry's treatises, sermons and tracts as published by himself, with a memoir of his life. It's unlikely that you will find more devotional or practical teaching in any other set of books today all set forth in that classic easy-to-read and easy-to-understand style that has made Henry's well known Commentaries perennial favorites. A two volume set. (Bound Photocopies, $99.95-60%=39.98/set) KLICKA, CHRISTOPHER The Right Choice: The Incredible Failure of Public Education and the Rising Hope of Home Schooling (An Academic, Historical, Practical, and Legal Perspective) This book has been heralded as "the new standard bearer of books on home schooling." (Softcover, $19.95-20%=$15.96) LEE, NIGEL Daily Family Worship (Cassette, $7.95-90%=.90) NICKEL, JAMES Mathematics: Is God Silent? This book revolutionizes the prevailing understanding and teaching of math. It will serve as solid refutation against the claim, often made in court, that mathematics is one subject which cannot be taught from a distinctively Biblical perspective. The addition of this book is a must for all upper-level Christian school curricula and for college students and adults interested in math or related fields of science and religion. (Hardcover, $24.95-20%=19.96) PRICE, GREG L. Christian Education in the Home: Help! My Daughter Wants to Date Contrasts the non-covenantal pagan view of dating with the covenantal Christian view of Biblical courtship. A highly practical manual that can be supplemented with the video or cassette lectures found directly below. (Bound Photocopy, $9.95-60%=3.98) Dating or Courtship: Which is Biblical? Excellent for use with the item listed above. (Two hour video, $59.93 - 80% = $11.99) (Two cassettes, $5.88/set) Family Worship (Two cassettes, $2.86/set) The Role of Women in the Church (Two cassettes, $5.88/set) PRIDE, MARY All the Way Home: Power for your Family to Be Its Best All the way home is the long-awaited sequel to Mary Pride's revolutionary book, The Way Home... The author deals with home education, family wor- ship, time management, and family work and play. Gregg Harris calls it "a superb book! Timely. Right on target." (Softcover) $22.95-22%=17.90 The Way Home: Beyond Feminism, Back to Reality Mary Pride's book is a source of inspiration and encouragement for every married Christian woman who wants to discover the biblical freedom in- tended for her life... Before she ... became a Christian in 1977, Mrs. Pride had been active as a radical feminist. From her experience as an insider, she shares a clear assessment of the shortcomings of feminism, and emphasizes the need to develop a new vision of Christian womanhood which is deeply rooted in biblical truth (back cover). (Softcover) $16.95-25%=12.71 PTACEK, KERRY Family Worship: Biblical Basis, Historical Reality, Current Need A splendid contemporary examination, full of encouragement and help in regard to this sacred duty of daily family worship. Covers God's covenants with families, looks at house churches in history, the Reformation period, American history, causes for decline in family worship, etc. Explains, in easy to understand terms, not only the great spiritual benefits of family worship, but how to begin, how often it should be done, and what you should do according to Scripture. Regarding the sacred stewardship parents have been given by God, over their children's lives, family worship and Christian education are basic to covenantal faithfulness to Christ. This is one of the most important books published on the family in some time. Priced as low as possible, with the hope of widest possible distribution; it is well laid out, easy to read and suitable for group or individual study. Parents, teachers and Pastors, please don't miss this one! (Bound Photocopy, $9.95- 60% = 3.98) RAY, BRUCE Withhold Not Correction The title is taken from Proverbs 28:13. It is this biblical command that the author of this straightforward book holds up as a guide for all parents who experience doubt and indecision in their roles as disciplinarians. The author, a father and pastor, also exposes the emptiness of much contemporary advice on child-rearing. Each chapter contains review and response question making it an ideal tool for either group study or per- sonal development. Jay Adams wrote the forward. (Softcover, $9.95-25%=7.46) WAGNER, MICHAEL G. Private Versus Public Education: The Alberta Debate (1995) Though focusing on Alberta, the principles dealt with in this book can be applied throughout Canada, and in any other nation where home/private education is taking place. Describes the historical background and major episodes in this debate and then assesses the three major arguments made against private schools (and homeschoolers by implication). Concludes by showing the superiority of private education and exposing the self serving nature of the public educator's agenda. This is Wagner's Master's Thesis. (Bound Photocopy, $29.95-70%=8.99) WESTMINSTER DIVINES Shorter Catechism with Scripture Proofs Catechisms have been greatly employed in the Church since the days of the Apostles. A great revival of their use took place at the Reformation. None rivals the Westminster Assembly's Shorter Catechism, for extensive use, succinctness, or clarity. Richard Baxter said of it in his day, "It is the best Catechism I ever saw a most excellent sum of the Christian faith and doctrine, and a fit test to try the orthodoxy of its teachers." Excellent for training youth, it has been used with profit starting as early as three years of age. (Booklet, $1.95 - 50% = .98) The Westminster Confession of Faith "The product of Puritan conflict," stated Shedd, reaching "a perfection of statement never elsewhere achieved." "May be safely termed the most perfect statement of Systematic Theology ever framed by the Christian Church," writes Hetherington in The History of the Westminster Assembly of Divines (p. 345, emphasis added). The WCF is the greatest of all the creeds of the Christian church. It represents Reformed thinking at its purest and best. This is the definitive edition of the WCF and its many related documents. It contains Manton's "Epistle to the Reader," the Larger Catechism, Shorter Catechism, "The Sum of Saving Knowledge," "The National Covenant (1638)," "The Solemn League and Covenant (1643)," "Acknowledgment of Publick Sins and Breaches of the Covenant (1648)," "The Directory for the Publick Worship of God (1645)," The Form of Presbyterial Church Government (1645)," "The Directory for Family Worship (1647)," an extensive index and more! Next to the Bible itself, no other book can furnish you with as much necessary spiritual information. (Hardcover) $29.95 - 50% = $14.98 (Softcover) $19.95 - 40% = $11.97 WILLSON, JAMES M. Civil Government: An Exposition of Romans 13:1-7 A practical item that will help home schoolers to determine what God requires of them in regard to civil government. (Rare Bound Photocopy, $29.95-85%=4.49) WYLIE, SAMUEL B. The Two Sons of Oil; or, the Faithful Witness for Magistracy and Ministry upon a Scriptural Basis This book explains how to tell if a government (especially a civil government) is faithful to Christ and thus to be obeyed for conscience's sake. It also gives direction regarding when and how to resist (and disassociate) yourself from governments which get their power from "the beast." Should be very helpful for homeschoolers regarding the discernment needed to deal with the present "authorities" in civil government. (Softcover, 7.95-50%=3.98) ALL PRICES ARE IN US funds. Canadians please add 10% postage and handling and 7% GST. U.S. customers add 13% postage and handling. 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